September 3, 2015



Rockton Lions Club
General Membership Meeting Minutes                                                                9-3-15
FIBS Restaurant

28 Members in attendance which was taken by hand by Secretary Karen.

Meeting commenced at 6:30pm with President Kerri leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

President’s Announcements:  

Meeting schedule is posted on our website, both general membership & executive board. All are welcome to visit executive board meetings
Steak Fry awards were given out.

Lion Karen Martin                            Service First Award
Lion John Peterson                         Membership
Lion Steve Shannon                        Spark Plug
Lion Tami Verstraete                      Lion of the Year
Lion Jack Lovejoy                             Legacy Award
Lion Jon Arcouette                          Non-OSD VIP award
Lion Cyndy Fogarty                          Unsung Hero Award
OSD Sponsorship Committee     OSD VIP Award


Sep. 30th District 1D Awards Banquet in Ashton, IL. $15 per person. RSVP to Lion Karen.
Sep. 28th Zone meeting in Roscoe at Ebenezer Brown’s. $20 per person. RSVP to Lion Karen.
Nov. 14th MD1 Forum in E. Peoria, IL. More information to come.
May 22nd State Convention in Springfield, IL. More information to come.

Club Award from 97ZOK for #1 Event: Old Settlers Days from end of May contest.
Budget Plan:

Executive Bd. has met once and are fine tuning a budget proposal to present to the general membership.
With budget approved it will allow the Executive Board to make donation approvals up to the amount in the budget without having to take up time in general membership meetings.
These donations will still be read into the minutes during general membership meetings.
This time usually spent discussing donations can be used to bring in more speakers and /or have more fun activities for the club to enjoy.

New Members/Board Member

Welcome to new Lion Gordy Justice sponsored by Lion Steve Pomahac (Lion Brent Murray stood in for Steve tonight).
Lion Brent Murray sworn in as official 2nd VP of the Rockton Lions by Lion Kerri Wallace.

“What rocks in Rockford?” contest:

Many of our Lions are either contestants being voted on or their businesses are.
Last day to vote online is Friday the 4th.


Beverly DeMarb, visiting our club determining if she would like to join as a guest of Barb Correll.
Brian Hansmeier promoting a new event which will benefit the Rockton Lions Club and the Rockford Food Pantry.

Oktoberfest October 10th at Settlers Park.
Need volunteers to Sign in/Admissions
Put on by Ryan Rydell, Ryan Asta and Rookies, and Brian Hansmeier
Food, Beer, Music, Beer, and Games (Fall beers and ciders)
Partnering with Channel 23, The Bull Radio, and The X Radio
VIP Area with food and beverage service.
Limiting tickets to this event.
Contact Lori Hansmeier to volunteer: 815.871.6636

Boy Scout Troop 620 Leader Rob Bottenseek

He discussed how his troop stepped up when asked to help at OSD and how they determined the split of the proceeds by hours worked per person/family.
His troop logged between 240-250 service hours during OSD.
Troop has a lot planned this year and it is planned for the most part by the scouts themselves.
They camp every month except December, the Boys attend summer camp also which can run $400-$500 per person.
High Adventure activities run anywhere from $1500-$2500.
There are 60 scouts currently enrolled in this troop.
15% of all Eagle Scouts in over a hundred troops in this area originate in either Roscoe, or Rockton troops.

Secretary’s Report

Lion Karen emailed out the minutes from the last general membership meeting in May. They are also posted on the website.

Motion to approve made by Lion Kerri seconded by Lion David. Motion carried unopposed.

There will be a document going around at the next meeting to double check everyone’s info. Please make sure you see it.
Copies of the Lion Magazine and Order catalog are here to browse if you would like.

Treasurer’s Report

Please get your dues in ASAP.

There are still quite a few that haven’t paid
Please see Lion Allison if you aren’t sure.
She can take CC payments tonight.

Balance Sheet passed around

Solid numbers
P&L available to see if you email her. (PC issues)
Only thing that may look off is the BBQ & Brews as we accepted an advance payment to cover expenses.

Motion to approve made by Lion Scott, seconded by Lion John P. motion carried unopposed.

BBQ & Brews:

Volunteers are set up and ready to go.
Your volunteer shirt is your admission pass to the event.
If you choose to hang out before or during your shift please bring another shirt to wear
Jon Arcouette/Trash removal

Hit up the scouts and the wrestlers and neither can help.
Set up an Arcouette Automotive/Executive Lawncare team.
If you can spare an hour or two please come and help clean up.

We are selling soft drinks/water at the event, to promote Leo's - those funds donated to the upcoming Leo Club.
Lions will be scanning tickets (same scanners we use at OSD) and serving beer.
Lion Scott W. will be on site between 9a-10a to get the beer tent stocked up/iced/ready to serve.

Lion Augie is on call as is Lion Brent to help Scott.

Lion Kerri emailed the schedule out to those signed up to volunteer.

If you can’t make your shift fill it with someone else and communicate it back to Lion Kerri.
Don’t leave us hanging.

Candy Day:

Lion Allison is chair for this event.
Scheduled Friday October 16th from 7a-7p

She will have sign-up sheets at next general membership meeting.

We have 10 cases of candy this year as we ran short last year.

In addition to fruit flavor they have also brought in some mint flavor.

Lion Allison would like to get new Candy Day aprons 6-8 of them at a cost of about $9.50 each.

Lion Jack spoke up and said he would like to sponsor both the candy and the aprons this year.
Candy was $400/ Aprons would be $76 (HUGE applause)

Lion Scott Wallace reminded Lion Allison to write the letter to The Village requesting permission to be at the intersection during that day.

She said she has already done so.

Informal challenge is on again to see which shift can raise the most money this year.
60% of the funds go back to the LIF (Lions of IL Foundation)
40% our club keeps then donates to the library for purchase of large print books and books on tape.

Peppermint Swirl Blood Drive:

Lion Karen is chair for this event.
Scheduled Sunday, November 22nd from 9a-3pm
Hononegah High School Metal Gym during the Peppermint Swirl Craft Show.
Need the help of a few boy scouts or Leos to help escort folks to the RRVBC bus outside once they check in.
Need 1 or 2 members to help set up and tear down at the end of the event.
Would like to have a Wimpy’s donation box, eye glass donation box and Rockton Lions club information to try and recruit some new members at this event.
Need table cloths.

Lion Kerri thinks she may have them from Ro/Ro at her house.

Wimpy’s Auction:

Lion Jon Arcouette is the chair for this event.
Scheduled for December 5th after the Christmas Walk Parade
Need volunteers now, committee meeting to be set soon.
Please email or call Jon to volunteer.

Wimpy’s (delivery)

Lion Tami and Lion Jodi are co-chairs for this event.
December 19th is the delivery date.
Need volunteers to help organize and box good for families.
Please reach out to friends and acquaintances with businesses that would like to donate bodies, time, money, or goods to the cause.

Hononegah HS Leo Club

Lion Justin Wieman and Lion Tami are leading this program.
Thirteen applications in hand with more coming in. (We need 20 to charter the club.)
Lion Tami’s background check is complete and she can now contact the members officially.
Hoping to have a meeting as soon as next week.

Thank You Notes

Lion Kerri passed around a folder of various thank you notes received during the summer months.

From the Floor:

Lion Dick Adams mentioned that he had spoken with Lion Steve Pomahac and that Steve was hoping the club could still put together a golf outing.

We will need a chair as the members who spoke up last year have been unable to fulfill the event.

T-shirt/Button-up/Polo shirts

Lion David did some research on some nicer button up shirts with a Polo shirt option.

These would have the Int’l. logo and our club name embroidered on them.

Rough cost with a lot of 12 shirts is about $25/each

Additional $5 to have your name embroidered
Additional $9 to have them shipped to your home address vs. a group order shipped to one place.

Lion Kerri and Lion Monique have both been working on the distressed style logo.

Lion Kim Pinta has offered to do leg work to get pricing once logo is ready.

A show of hands showed interest in both t-shirts and more formal shirts.
David is going to get samples from the vendor to bring in at the next general membership meeting as well as have sign-up sheets available to get more accurate counts.

Tail Twister-Kevin King

Send over $1 for missing your pin for Administrative fund.
50/50 going around.

Lion Kerri showed a photo of an old mailbox painted and logo’d for eyeglass collection. A general consensus was positive.

Lion Marla Herringer spoke up that she has a painter if we get the box and the decals to go on it.
Lion Kerri to check with Postmaster to see about getting an old mailbox.

Center for Sight & Hearing is having their Oktoberfest on September 24th. $40
Mill Christopher sent a note in about her annual Dog Walk benefiting both the Loving Tails Pet Therapy Project and the RRVBC.

She asked in her letter if the Rockton Lions could help out at all.

Motion to donate $500 made by Lion Jon Arcouette seconded by both Scott and Jerry Wallace. Motion carried unopposed.

Lion Jon Arcouette brought up OSD donation to Roscoe Troop 620.

There was some discussion about whether this was a promised donation and how it was to be presented to the club.
It appears there was some miscommunication on how this would be addressed.
Motion made to table this until our next meeting made by Lion David K. seconded by Lion Scott W. motion to table carried unopposed.

**I will be reviewing minutes from both OSD and general membership to find any details on this subject and will have them at the next meeting-Karen**

50/50 raffle

Winner Lion Brent Murray $70

Motion to Adjourn made by Lion Scott Wallace seconded by Lion Augie. Motion carried, meeting adjourned.

Next meeting Thursday, September 17th, 6:30pm FIBS Restaurant
OSD Meeting Thursday, September 17th, 5:15pm FIBS Restaurant

Respectfully submitted,Karen Martin