Rockton Lions Club
General Membership Meeting
Sept 21,2017 6:30pm FIBS
Call to order & Pledge of Allegiance 6:30pm
● Guests: Visiting Guests
New Member Induction-
❖ Ryan Swift- John Peterson Sponsor
❖ Brian Hansmeier-Jeff Schreck Sponsor
❖ Sherry Ball-Jeff Ball Sponsor
❖ Kristy Hahn-Jeff Ball Sponsor
● President’s Announcements-Lion Tami
o District Governor Pins $3
o Update on Request from last meeting
▪ Needs for more than 2 years. Doctors say, in their opinion, for a lifetime
▪ Can last 10-15 years
▪ Center for Sight and Hearing
● $2375
● Center sell for cost
● waived doctor fee
▪ Motion to Approve $500: Karen Martin
● 2nd by: Jeanna
o Discussion
● Motion amended by Karen for the full amount
● Dan B. 2
o Discussion
o opposed: one opposed
● Motion passed
o Ice Hogs Lions Club Outing March 3 rd , $15
▪ Karen will be spearheading-If interested contact Karen
▪ Looking to sell 20
▪ Checks made out to District 1-D
o Zone Meeting Oct 12 th 7pm Machine Shed
▪ Karen, Sherri, Cyndy, Betsy, Sharon, Tami
o Awards
▪ Handed out Award Certificates for the Unsung Hero Awards to Marla and
● Secretary’s Report-Lion Betsy
o Attended Secretary training last night
o If you have any activity hours to report, please do so ASAP
o Last meeting's minutes have been emailed out
▪ Motion to Approve minutes: Jeanna Woods
● 2nd by: Cyndy Fogerty
● Motion passed
● Treasurer – Lion Allison
o Emailed out with secretaries minutes
o Motion to Approve: Karen Martin
▪ 2nd by: Jeff Schreck
▪ Motion passed
o Allison explained about what the Athletic Field Funds are for
▪ Reason for 501C3
▪ Diligent stewards of the money
o Recommended Budget will be presented at next general membership meeting
o Leo’s Club net Pop/Soda sales at OSD was $2428, Tax $560. Leo’s are asking for
the club to absorb the tax amount.
▪ Kerri W. made a motion
▪ 2nd by Karen M
▪ Motion passed
o Motion to approve treasurer's report: Scott W.
o 2nd by Brent M.
o Motion Passed
● Tail Twister – Lion Kevin King
o Happy Bucks!!!
o Lion given to… Rebekah Denowh =)
● Committees:
o Leo Club Update – Lion Justin
▪ Homecoming-Sponsored a dinner
▪ Creating an Inclusive Environment Theme
▪ Last year donated-
● Funded Special Olympics
● Vets Roll
● Participate in Unified Olympics
▪ Looking for slightly used soccer shoes
▪ October 14th Fire Hydrant painting
▪ International Convention-Demonstrated Unified Basketball
▪ 80 members currently
o Membership Committee-Lion Sheri
▪ October 17th next orientation
o OSD Update –Lion Steve P
▪ Looking at pricing
▪ Still need help with committee’s
▪ Next meeting October 19th 5:15 @ FIBS
o Candy Day- Lion Sharon
▪ Sign up sheet gone around
o Pancake Breakfast-Lion Jeff
▪ Jeff has a sign-up sheet
▪ Last shift please stick around to help clean up
▪ December 2nd
▪ Smuckers is donating supplies again
o Wimpy’s Auction-Lion Jeanna
▪ Getting items
▪ Still need help with soliciting
▪ October 1st meeting @ 1107 North Blackhawk
▪ Question: Blood Drive at Christmas walk day??
● Tami stated to take off website currently, we will talk with village
about the parade
o Wimpy’s Delivery-Lion Tami
▪ Had 1st meeting
▪ This Monday 6:30 at Fibs
● Thank you/Requests
o Dawn Whitty- Macular Degeneration; eye sight very poor, cannot drive. Needs a
▪ Normally $2995
▪ Tami asked if they have a used one
▪ Discussion
o Cyndy-Pick up for homeless vets- If you have anything bring to Country Cottage
o Oktoberfest- Center of Sight and Hearing Prairie Street Brewhouse Thursday
October 5th
● Business from the floor
● 50/50 Drawing
o John Schammel winner-CONGRATULATIONS!!!
● Adjourn
o Motion to Adjourn: Steve P.
o 2nd: Kerri W.
▪ Motion Passed
Upcoming Meetings & Events
Wimpy’s Deliveries Committee Meeting September 25 6:30 @ FIBS
Executive Board Meeting September 28th 6:30 @ Fibs
Wimpy’s Auction Committee Meeting October 1st meeting @ 1107 North Blackhawk
Next General Membership Meeting October 5 th @ Fibs 6:30
Zone Meeting October 12 th 7pm @ Machine Shed
Candy Day October 13 h
OSD Meeting October 19 th 5:15 @ Fibs
General Membership Meeting October 19 th 6:30 pm

September 21, 2017