September 7, 2017

Rockton Lions Club
General Membership Meeting
Sept 7,2017 6:30pm FIBS

Call to order & Pledge of Allegiance 6:30pm
● Guests: Visiting Guests
▪ Ryan Swift Friend of John
▪ Margo Ladine Friend of Sheri
▪ Heather and Brett, Friend of Kim
● Hanna-RAMP
● Katie Kelly-RAMP
● Theresa Sambrook- Speaking about daughter
○ Ella has dystonia
○ People with dystonia have vision and hearing impairments
○ NIA diagnosed with a Hearing Deficit (auditory processing
■ Decoding difficulties and signal does not get to brain
● Theresa discussed Ella’s mild hearing loss, anxiety, and difficulties in daily
● Trialing Rodger Focus for auditory processing disorder- uses at school and
extracurricular activities. Normally not released to normal public.
Insurance will not cover
● Vocabulary has not grown since hearing loss
● GOAL is to only have for two years.Works as a hearing aide, long lasting,
● Cost family to family is $2400 (Pen and bilateral hearing devices)
● Center for Sight and Hearing waived doctor fee
● Device is currently only being trialled by the family. Insurance does not
cover, family is looking for help with cost.
● President’s Announcements-Lion Tami
o District Governor Pins $3-Sheri has them
o District Governor will be coming later. He has a broken toe and cannot get upstairs
o Ice Hogs Lions Club Outing March 3 rd , $15 who is interested? Karen will be the
contact for this. If interested, Contact Karen. (Thank you Karen)
o Change in Board Positions Membership/ 1yr Director
▪ Sheri and Monique will switch
● Sheri-Membership Director
o Motion Steve
o 2nd Brent
▪ Motion Carries
● Monique-Director
o Motion Karen
o 2nd Jeff Schreck
▪ Motion Passes
o Interest in a Field Trip to LCI Headquarters, Oakbrook
▪ Approximately 6 people interested
▪ Tami will get ahold of them and schedule
o Interest in Leader Dog Trip
▪ Tami explained the Leader Dog Trip
▪ Jeanna explained what Leader Dog is
▪ Approximately 5 interested
o Awards
▪ Membership Award- Chris Weaver
▪ Centennial Awardso
Club awarded Badge
● Gold Awardo
Dan Belich
o Steve Pomahac
o Kerri Wallace
● Silver Awardo
Patrick Hoey
o Justin Wieman
o Jeanna Woods
▪ Unsung Hero Award- Marla & Steve Herringer
● Secretary’s Report-Lion Karen/Lion Betsy
o if you want a name tag see Karen
o Betsy thanked Karen for showing her the ropes
o Betsy is sending out an email to enter Activity Hours
● Treasurer – Lion Allison
o Pay dues $75 for individual $130 for couples
o Allison listed what was paid out (see attached)
● Tail Twister – Lion Kevin King
o Starting next meeting he will fine for no pins
o The Lion is coming back!!
o WATCH OUT… He can fine you!!
o Happy bucks
● Committees:
o Leo Club Update – Lion Justin
▪ Not in attendance
o Membership Committee-Lion Monique/Lion Sheri
▪ Monique has enjoyed doing this but knows that Sheri will knock it out of the
▪ No Orientation next week
● She will let Steve’s office and Kerri Wallace (webpage) know
o OSD Update –Lion Steve P
▪ Last year went well
▪ Have offers out to 3 bands
▪ OSD always needs help.. Below committees need help now! CONTACT
STEVE to help out!
● Sponsorship Committee/ Steve Pomahac
● Grounds/ Cory Magnus
● Marketing and Advertising/Kerri Wallace
▪ Conservatively over the years we have raised $850,000
▪ September 21 next OSD meeting @ 5:15 FIBS
o Candy Day- Lion Allison
▪ Oct. 13 & 14
▪ Looking at Walmart due to intersection construction
▪ Anyone interested in taking over Candy Day
● Sharon Booker volunteered to take it over
▪ Jack is sponsoring the Candy for Candy day
● $475
o Hockey Rink-Lion Steve Herringer
▪ Needs to get back in touch with Ice Hogs.
o Wimpy’s Auction-Lion Jeanna
▪ Jackie and Connie are helping
▪ Ron Montgomery is giving space
▪ Less crap more soliciting
▪ Sign ups going around for contacting businesses and for helping
o Wimpy’s Delivery-Lion Tami 1 st Meeting Sept 14 th @ Fibs 6:30
▪ Wimpy deliveries will be the 23rd
▪ APEX will be available again this year
o International Convention-Lion Sheri and Lion Karen (Rest Stop)
▪ Sheri discussed the convention and what they saw
▪ Rest stop needed better communication
● Thank you/Requests
o RAMP-Club had a discussion
▪ Need to see if the Center for Sight and Hearing will help more
● Possibly Cyndy can help
▪ Tabled currently
● Business from the floor
o David thanked the club
▪ David is going to make a check to the club so they can donate for him and
get credit for it.
● Discussion on who to give it to (LCIF or to a Club directly to help
their members)
● PLEASE share the Lions club donation page on social media
o Christmas Party 12-21-17
▪ Adults only
▪ Ugly Christmas Sweaters
● 50/50 Drawing
o Donating back to the club for LCIF
● Adjourn
o Motion to adjourn Jeanna
▪ 2nd Kerri
● Upcoming Meetings & Events
Executive Board Meeting September 28th @ Fibs
OSD Meeting September 21 st 5:15 @ Fibs
Next General Membership Meeting September 21st