Rockton Lions Club
General Membership Meeting                                                                                  09-17-2015
FIBS Restaurant

2nd VP Lion Brent Murray called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.
President’s announcements:

Zone Meeting coming up on 9-28-15 in Roscoe, IL
Awards night coming up on 9-30-15 in Ashton, IL
We need volunteers for Oktoberfest on 10-10-15

Pouring beer
Scanning tickets
20 people
5-15% of proceeds will come back to the Rockton Lions Club.


Lion Jim Sahlstrom brought in Lynn Rode` and Cris Crichton whom he met at Music in the Park. Ms. Crichton has previously worked with the OTW Festival.
Lions Jamie and Lindsey Swanson brought in future Leo/Lion Raelynn to enjoy the meeting with us.

New member swearing in:

Lion Jon Arcouette sponsored his business partner Shannon Barlow.
Welcome to the club Shannon!

Happy Bucks:

Lion Rhonda has a new grandbaby!
Lion Kevin has a daughter driving!
Lion Lori is going to be a grandma!
Lion Cyndy got more good news on test results.

Secretary’s report:

Lion Karen emailed minutes out.
Motion to approve made by Lion Jon seconded by Lion Kevin. Motion carried unopposed.
Lion Karen asked to be copied on all committee meetings to post to general membership and also asked to have hours accounted for to report on My LCI.

Treasurer’s report:

Lion Allison handed out the new numbers to members.
Motion to approve made by Lion Karen and seconded by Lion Tami. Motion carried unopposed.


Next meeting Lion Kevin will be imposing pin fines.

BBQ & Brews:

Final numbers roughly $6000
Lion Karen noted that Lion John Peterson had suggested in Executive Bd. Meeting to earmark these funds for the Governor’s Project: Special Olympics.
Lion Karen made motion to mark these funds for Special Olympics donation and Lion Kevin seconded motion. Motion carried unopposed.

Candy Day:

Lion Allison passed around sign-up sheets for 2hour shifts at our normal spot.


Lion Steve P. shared information about the OSD meeting that occurred previous to the general meeting this evening. He also has meeting schedules for anyone interested in joining the committee.
We need help in the following areas:

Beer Ticket Sellers needs a 2nd
Kerri needs a helper with the website.
We need a chair for the Blood Drive
Sponsorship Committee is meeting within 10 –days if you’re interested please contact Lion Brent.

Leo Club:

Lion Justin and Lion Tami reported they have hit their 20 members needed to charter the club.
Brews and BBQ fundraising for the soon to be club raised $1471 which will be a nice nest egg for their club.
Area 1 Special Olympics –our HHS team is the only one that offers regular practicing. The soon to be Leos are helping out with coaching and practices.


Chili Cook Off:

Josh Ryan has decided to not renew his membership with the club. This leaves the event open for another member(s) to sponsor.

Do we want to keep it as is or find a new activity for February?

Job Fair was tossed around
More service oriented event

Lion David K. would like to earmark funds for this event for the Girl Scout Council to replace stoves at the campground they all attend.

Before we suggest this though we need to determine if there is interest in having an event at this time.
Lion David offered to head up a discovery committee along with Lion Chris W. and Lion Brent. They will begin reporting at the next meeting.

Much discussion on the types of events we could have or how we could improve upon the existing event.

Get local restaurants involved
Microbrew beers.


Lion David should have samples available by the next two meetings from the vendor.

Guest additional:

Lion Chris Weaver invited Bob Betts, a RVC Professor to take a look at our club to see if it is a good fit for him to join.
Welcome Bob!

Business from the floor:

Troop 620/Roscoe OSD

Motion was made to donate $2000 to their troop for their help at OSD by Lion Steve P. motion was seconded by Lion Bruce. The motion carried unopposed.
We agreed to get them on next year’s budget and make sure they get on the proper list so this does not result in an issue again next year and possibly lose their services.

They were greatly appreciated.
They did an amazing job of keeping the grounds picked up.
We would love to have them back again at next year’s festival.

Special Olympics Raffle Tickets

Lion Justin has raffle tickets for sale if anyone is interested.

Golf Outing

Lion Dick A. asked if there was still interest. A show of hands showed interest.
He is going to look at October 24th and get back to the club.

Christmas Walk

Can we do something before the parade?

Santa Run
Other snow related event.

Making strides breast cancer walk

Lion Karen is walking with her sister Jenn who is a survivor.
Any individual donations to the cause are greatly appreciated.

Sunshine Club

Lion Betsy asked if this was still happening and if so, is she still in monitoring it?

50/50 won by Lion Rhonda Fair $72

Motion to adjourn made by Lion Allison and seconded by Lion Lori. Motion carried, meeting adjourned.

Next meeting is October 1st at FIBS 6:30pm

September 17, 2015