General Membership Meeting Minutes 9-15-16                                                The Wild Rhubarb, Ledges Golf Course

Pledge of Allegiance led by President Tami at 6:30pm

President’s announcements

Int’l President in Dixon on Monday. Tami taking a half day to go down.
Zone meeting next Thursday CS&H deadline Friday to RSVP
Moving Ex. Bd. Mtg. to 29th 6:30pm @Fibs due to Zone Meeting
MD- Forum kick off for Centennial Convention kick off is October 22nd

Tami going


Lion Sherri’s neighbor Tiffany Anderson
Lion Jeremy’s girlfriend Allison Hense
Lion Steve P.’s friend Jeff Pall potential member

Secretary’s Report

Minutes emailed out. Motion to approve made by Lion John P. seconded by Lion Jeff. Motion to approve carried unopposed.
Name tags
Minutes while I’m to be taken by Lion Sherri

Skype allowed? Anyone disapprove? Lion David Kiesewetter will look at our by-laws and have it prepared go vote on by next meeting. Steve P approves only if the Skype buys everyone a round of drinks. New cyber clubs popping up all over.


Not here. Will have report at next meeting. Dues need to be in by 30th or arrangements need to be made with Bd.

Candy Day: Sign-up sheet going around. Allison needs a helper

Kara Kelly Zone Chair/Eversight

1947 IL Eye bank was rebranded in 2015 to Eversight
Network of community eye banks. Mission to restore sight and prevent blindness through transplant, donation and healing.  110 years 12-7-1905 first successful transplant (cornea). Lions started first eye banks in this country. Lions would transfer tissue for the organizations for many years.  Now an elective procedure as opposed to emergency surgery. Most frequently performed with success rate of over 90%.
20-hour window to recover from donor. Once in media it lasts up to two weeks. Only 10% of blind can be helped with cornea transplant. Lions of IL Research Institute in Chicago. New research involving corneal milkshake treatments. Also transplant the sclera one part of body that gets better with age. Used to treat cleft palette and cleft lip as well. 3K transplants last year in IL alone. Youngest recipient is 9-days old.  Oldest recipient 107 years old. Gift of Hope website, Eversight web site are channels to register as a donor.

Tail Twister Activity pushed to end

Leos: Justin helped with dog walk with students and Special Olympics. Window painting downtown. Dinner with Spec Olympics. Donated $200 to cover cost. Two bb teams this year (15 coaches) 19 at first meeting. Shirt sales for event for other groups with money going to special Olympics

OSD: Steve nothing

Blues & BBQ was a successful event no word on what we made yet. 200 people attended. Good positive event. Best guess $850 we raised. Police raised $3K or so between sandwich sales and dunk tank.

Wimpy’s Auction: nothing

Wimpy’s distribution next meeting 9-26 6pm at Sugar Britches. Can always use more. See Tami if you want to be on the distribution list

Award to Marla Herringer for “Service First” congrats

Team building exercise: Spaghetti Towers

Cyndy won $61 50/50d

Motion to Adjourn made by Lion Tami seconded by everyone.

Next meeting October 6, 2016 at FIBS 6:30pm

OSD Meeting to precede general membership meeting at 5:15pm


September 15, 2016