September 1, 2016


Call to order & Pledge of Allegiance by President Tami at 6:30 pm

President’s Announcements


Regional Lions Leadership Institute – Tami and Karen attended last weekend. It was great and a lot of information gathered.  Will share throughout the year.

LCI Tour Interest

Is anyone interested in going to Oak Brook to tour the international office? We can set up our own tour, would also do them in the evening. Takes about an hour for the tour. Let Tami know if interested.

Zone Meeting Sep 22 CS&H $15

Includes dinner. Is anyone interested? Tami is going, Sherri Zimmer would like to go, Maybe Kerri Wallace and Allison Ebany.

MD1 Forum/2017 Rally Kick Off Oct 22 E. Peoria, IL

Kick off for 2017 International Convention in Chicago
Great way to learn more
Tami has forms
Every club can have a table for free to promote what they have done. Tami has reserved a table and will need help with putting together the table display.


Still finalizing, will postpone until Sept 15 meeting

Tami’s goal – 100 members for the 100th anniversary. Special sponsorship pins for this year.
New International President will be in Dixon on Sept 19 from 9:30-11 am if anyone would like to meet him.


Ron Montgomery – owns Montgomery’s Financial Services in Rockton, lived here for 6 years (new member – sworn in)
Connie Kieffer – helped at OSD, lives in Machesney. (new member – sworn in)
Zach Valvanis – Leo president. Either he or Zeke May (VP) will attend each meeting

Secretary’s Report – Karen Martin re-emailed minutes for approval David Kiesewetter motioned to approve, John Peterson seconded, all approved.

Still monies owed for Sight & Sound Sweepstakes: will email individuals.
Name tags – if you ordered, pick up from Karen (Pat Hoey, Cory Magnus, Cyndy Fogarty). Will put in another order; if you want one see Karen.
Member info verification-Kerri – passed around for verification – check mark if OK, correct if needed.
Attendance Sheet – passed around

Treasurer – Allison Ebany 

Report passed around. OSD done at high level, reflecting net income. Steve will talk about during OSD report.
Wimpy’s fund has separate break out for Rhonda Fair memorial
Shelter bill has not been paid, Dale will get that to Allison; Still needs to pay Winnebago Cty Special Ed Co-Op
Each month will show prior month balance, then transactions for the month
Question – is Scholarship money invested – answer – Yes
Dues – if you have not paid, you received an email from Allison with a cut off date of September 30 or you will be removed from active membership.  If you need to make a payment arrangement, contact Allison.
Some other outstanding payments Allison will track down individually.
Steve Pomahac motioned to approve treasurer’s report. John Peterson seconded. All approved

Tail Twister – Kevin King (not in attendance, John P & Kerri substituted)

Happy Bucks
50/50 available
Teresa returned Lion, gave to Monique


Leo Club Update –Zach

Special Olympics – will be appointing head coaches since the club is larger
Helping with dog walk Sept 10 – 26 signed up to help + Special Olympians
First meeting held August 29 – 45 kids showed up

OSD Update – Steve Pomahac

Meetings started again this week.  Meeting schedule available from Steve, or online at
2016 profit approximately $55,000. Goal is $100,000 each year
Exploring most cost effective options for all areas
Encourage those interested to show up at the meetings
Next meeting October 6 @ 5:15 at FIBS
Jeanna sent around sign up sheet for help with Sponsorship Tent (VIP) planning
OSD sponsorship is meeting tomorrow at 9:30 am at Steve’s office

Blues & BBQ Sept 4th

Need a few volunteers for serving, set up and clean up, Tami will send around sign up, or contact her if interested.
Sunday from 2-5 pm
Flush tank, K9 demonstration
Get to know your police force
Pulled pork sandwiches, beer, pop, water, ice cream
Lions get the profits from beer, pop and water

Candy Day

Friday October 14
At intersection of Blackhawk and Main street – give out candy for $$
Allison will not be able to be there all day, so will need a co-chair to be available to pick up cash and refill candy, also be a contact in case anyone doesn’t show up.  If interested, let Allison know.
Sign up sheet for shifts available at next meeting
60% of profits goes to Lions of IL foundation, 40% goes to a sight or hearing cause- we usually give to library for large print or audio books
Request going in to Village for presence at the intersection.
“Silent donor” will sponsor the candy.

$20 for Plenty

Looking for a replacement chair, involves selling tickets and collecting money
Cathy Bellich did not get proceeds from last time
If interested, see Tami or Karen



Jeanna is co-chair this year with Jon Arcouette
Looking for marquee sponsor(s) of $500-$1000 to purchase auction software to allow online bidding and check out. Should make it a smoother process.
Any donations from the general membership are appreciated and can be given to Jeanna
Baskets/boxes/buckets also needed.
Need committee members – sign up passed around.


First meeting next Wednesday September 7 at Sugar Britches at 6 pm
Apex letting us use their space for basket assembly and distribution gathering and distribution
Ron Montgomery has space available as well if we need it – may use this location for auction and Apex for distribution


Tami would like a newsletter for the club – we don’t promote ourselves enough
If anyone is interested in doing a newsletter, let Tami know
Digital distribution

Business From The Floor

Information online – meeting schedules & minutes
Facebook – like all the pages
Rockton Lions
Wimpy’s Fund
Old Settlers Days
Hononegah Leo Club

What happened with the individual pictures Kim took last year? A directory would be great. Kerri or Denise will follow up

Awards, Requests & Thank You notes

Dan Bellich & Kerri Wallace given sponsorship pins
Dick Adams given pin for sponsoring 2 or more members.
Foundation Fellow awards given out to Steve Pomahac and Betsy Dhom
Request from Millicent Christopher for support for Mellany’s 4th Annual Dog Walk for pet therapy. Dale Adams made a motion to contribute $500, John Peterson seconded.  All approved.
Thank you from Rockton School District for audio meter donation
Thank you from the 2 scholarship recipients
Thank you from Rhonda Fair’s family for the love and support from the club


$56 #270428 – Allison Ebany – donating to Louisiana flood support and will take donations as well to support families from ABC Supply.

Adjourn – motion made at 7:35 pm by Jeanna Woods, seconded by John Peterson. All approved

 Upcoming Meetings & Events:

Blues & BBQ event Sep 4th 2-5 @ Settler’s Park
Next meeting at Wild Rhubarb (Ledges Golf Course) Sept 15 @ 6:30 pm
Zone Meeting Sept 22
Candy Day Oct 14