Rockton Lions Club
General Membership Meeting
Oct 5, 2017 6:30pm FIBS
(49 in attendance)
Call to order & Pledge of Allegiance 6:30pm
● Guests: Visiting Guests
New Member Induction/Board Members
-Treasurer- Allison Ebany
-Lion Tamer- Brent Murray
-2nd VP-Scott Paccagnini
Ashley and Karen Mayton guests of Karen Martin
Kathy Branning from Remedies(10 min) Guest of Pat Hoey
● Previously know as W.A.V.E
● Serve Winnebago and Boone Co.
● Presented about program and how they serve others
● Wish list is posted on their website
○ Get funding from grants, federal governments, donations
Margo Ledem-Sheri’s Friend
Tricia Diduch-Village (10 min)
● Asking for Christmas Walk Donation $100
○ Deadline Oct. 13
● President’s Announcements-Lion Tami
o District Governor Pins $3
o Update on Request from last meeting
● $2995 brand new with training
● USED $2250 includes training
o Tricia makes a motion for the full cost of used amount
o Karen 2nd
▪ Motion Carried
o Ice Hogs Lions Club Outing March 3 rd , $15
▪ See Karen for tickets
▪ Make checkout to Rockton Lions Club
o Zone Meeting Oct 12 th 7pm Machine Shed
o Awards
▪ Gold Centennial Member award-Dan Belish
o Budget Presentation
▪ Allison presented the boards proposed budget to the club
▪ Steve discussed why we need $40,000
▪ Tami discussed that we would like to have people come and ask for
▪ Misc. requests needs to be looked at prior to giving out donations
▪ Kerri makes a motion to pace motion number #2
● John P 2nd
o Discussion-Cory asked that handicap swing set separated
o Wrestlers need to come and ask for donations
▪ Motion passed
● Shop using these sites and choose “Rockton Lions Club” as your
o “Good Shop”
● Secretary’s Report-Lion Betsy
o Minutes were sent out. Let me know if you are not getting the emails.
▪ Steve-Motion to approve the mins.
▪ Jeanna 2nd
● Motion approved
● Treasurer – Lion Allison
o Allison discussed changes on the report ▪ Betsy made a motion to approve ▪ 2nd by Karen
● Motion approved
● Tail Twister – Lion Kevin King
o Lion returned
o Happy $BUCKS$
o Sharon gets the Lion
● Committees:
o Leo Club Update – Lion Justin
▪ not in attendance
o Membership Committee-Lion Sheri
▪ not in attendance
▪ Oct 17th 6:30
o OSD Update –Lion Steve P
▪ How much should we make for OSD??
● $75,000-$100,000
● $100,000 +
● What are the goals that the club has for the money? Set activity
o Candy Day- Lion Sharon
▪ Needs 7 more volunteers
▪ Sheet is getting passed around
▪ Will be at the Rockton Walmart Friday October 13, 2017
o Pancake Breakfast-Lion Jeff
▪ Needs late shift volunteer
▪ Hasl Pancake tickets
o Wimpy’s Auction-Lion Jeanna
▪ Connie passed around Wimpy Auction Contact List
▪ Have letters to approach people for donations
▪ Basket count down but will have better quality baskets
▪ Next meeting Sunday 5:00
o Wimpy’s Delivery-Lion Tami
▪ Next meeting October 16th
● Thank you/Requests
o Thank you-Mil from Dog Walk/Pet Therapy, Pet Peace Of Mind
● Business from the floor
o Remedies- Motion by Jeanna to hold until next meeting until there is an updated
▪ 2nd by John P
● Motion passed
o Christmas Walk
▪ Karen made a motion for $100
▪ Sharon made a 2nd
● Karen rescinded her motion
● Discussion
▪ Need to have Tricia come back to explain
● 50/50 Drawing
o WINNER* WINNER*Jeanna Woods
● Adjourn
o Kerri made a motion to adjourn after 50/50
o 2nd by Auggie
● Upcoming Meetings & Events
Wimpy’s Auction October 8th 5:00p.m. 1107 North Blackhawk (same building as Gary
Bach Insurance)
Zone Meeting October 12 th 7pm @ Machine Shed
Candy Day October 13th
Wimpy’s Deliveries October 16th 6:30
Lion Club Orientation October 17th 6:30
OSD Meeting October 19 th 5:15 @ Fibs
General Membership Meeting October 19 th 6:30 pm

October 5, 2017