October 20, 2016


Rockton Lions Club
General Membership Meeting                                                                                  10/20/16
 October 20, 2016 6:30pm
Call to order & Pledge of Allegiance by President Tami

Leader Dog Kim Alverson and Scout, have been together for three years. Demonstration on how Scout leads Kim around. Kim has a retinal disease lost 80% of his sight. When he was diagnosed as legally blind he had to quit his job and give up his driver’s license in 2008. He called the Jefferson WI Lions club for help. Didn’t have a good experience. Got some cane training and heard about Leader Dog through Watertown WI Lions. Kim shared his experience at Leader Dog as well as the trip to the airport. Talked about his daily life experiences using Scout. She’s a black lab and such a good dog. All of this training was at no charge to Kim. Kim’s wife also mentioned how the staff continues to stay in touch with clients and visit even if they are in the area.

President’s Announcements
MD1 Forum/2017 Rally Kick Off Oct 22 E. Peoria, IL: Lion John and Lion Tami are attending on behalf of the club.
Chili’s fundraiser for Lions of IL Foundation: Coupons have been printed out and are available in hard copy, while digital copies are available on Facebook and at
District Governor Pins $3: We have one left. (We now have none left. If anyone is interested, we can get more from DG Pam Graney Lion Tami just needs to know how many.)
Awards-Lions Kerri and Karen zone awards for 100% president and secretary respectively.

Secretary’s Repor
Lion  Karen emailed minutes for approval
Lion Steve motioned, and Lion John seconded. The motion carried unopposed.
Attendance Sheet updated from last meeting
Committee and sub-committee hour reporting needs to be in before the last week of the month to Karen in order to report it properly.

Treasurer –

Allison Ebany Treasurer’s report passed along.
Mostly new is Candy day. $3149.49. Motion made to donate the 40% the club keeps to go to the library by Lion David. Seconded by Lion John. Motion carried unopposed. This was a budgeted item as well.
Community Foundation mentioned last meeting. We could have up to four on committee to help in selection process for scholarship winners. Contact Lion Allison right away if you are interested in the 4th spot as she needs to get this mailed in soon.
Motion to approve report made by Lion Steve seconded by Lion John motion carried unopposed.


Leo Club Update Lion Justin:
Leo’s pairing with Special Olympians to help usher at Hononegah High School play.
Meeting regularly.
Annual haunted hayride coming up.
Contacted by Jefferson HS due to Lindsey Cox in regards to what is going on at HHS.
Coach visited from UW came to Special Olympics practice and helped out. Two teams for basketball now.

OSD Update –Lion Steve P:
Correction next meeting 5:30pm at FIBS.
John Peterson’s Nashville trip. 10 different showcases. Expo with some of the agents we book entertainment. Friday act is confirmed. Other three night offers are extended with deadlines in the next two weeks.

Candy Day- Lion Allison See Treasurer’s notes

Wimpy’s Auction Lion Jeanna:
Next meeting is first Sunday in November 6, 6:30pm at Montgomery’s office.
Donations coming in every day.
Getting familiar with auction software.
Lion Erica has donation and volunteer info from Kohl’s. (this may actually be for the Distribution end of Wimpy’s. Lion John will get the info from Lion Erica.
Getting some sports memorabilia too.

Wimpy’s Distribution Lion- Tami:
Her group has met a couple of times already.
Forms sent to schools. Last count was 168 kids registered so far.
Next meeting is November 1st at FIBS 6pm.

Bi-laws committee- Lion David:
Scott Paccagnini is joining David’s committee.
Meeting on October 24th in order to present at next GM meeting.

Christmas party-

Lion Karen: Information should be out by next GM meeting.

February Reverse Auction
To be held same weekend as Yeti Fest in Rockton.

Thank yous/Requests
Camp Lions: The club received a nice laminated photo from the camp in honor of our donations.
Rockton Black Light Dance- Marianne Mueller looking for a sponsor for the food. $200 Held at Greater Rockton Community Center. Motion to donate $200 made by Lion Kerri, seconded by Lion Karen. Motion carried unopposed. Lion Allison will work with Marianne.
Rock River Sweep $150 donation motion made by Lion Steve seconded by Lion John. Motion carried unopposed.

Tail Twister –

Kevin King  Happy bucks
Cubs won: Kerri
Daughter got a job: Jeanna
Daughter having a baby: Kerri
Opened new office: Joe
Karen’s back: Tami
Cubs up 1-0: Kerri
Steve started new intern: Justin
Daughter has new job and two internships: John

50/50 $65 to Kerri Wallace


Steve motioned to adjourn, Kerri seconded and motion carried at 7:26pm.


Upcoming Meetings & Events:

OSD Committee FIBS 5:30pm Thursday November 3rd
General Membership Meeting at FIBS 6:30pm Thursday November 3rd
October 22 MD1 Forum
Executive Board Meeting Thursday October 27th