October 1, 2015

Rockton Lions Club
General Membership Meeting                                                                                  10-01-15
FIBS Restaurant
31 Members in attendance

President Kerri called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

President’s announcements:
Thanks to Lion Brent for covering the last meeting while Lion Kerri was on vacation.
Thanks to Lions Tami and Karen for attending the Zone meeting while Lion Kerri was ill.
Thanks to Lion John P. and his lovely wife Cheryl for attending the District 1D Awards Banquet in Lion Kerri’s place due to illness.

Awards Banquet:
Our club qualified for 100% Club
100% President
100% Secretary
5-Star Club
The Rockton Lions were awarded a certificate of appreciation by IPDG Jim Kloepping for our support of his project at the CS&H.
Paperwork got lost along the way and all of our club awards were not presented. Lion Kerri has been in touch with 2nd VDG Pam Graney regarding the situation and she promised Kerri she will hand deliver them once they are available.

Secretary’s Report:
Minutes were emailed out.
Motion to approve made by Lion John P., seconded by Lion Jeanna. Motion carried unopposed.
Lion Steve P. asked if the Secretary could please start attaching a copy of the financials with the minutes. Lion Karen asked Lion Allison to please send an electronic copy to her.

Treasurer’s Report:
Report was passed around.
If you still owe your dues please see Lion Allison right away.
Motion to approve made by Lion Karen, seconded by Lion John P. Motion carried unopposed.

Tail Twister:
Secret Handshake winner Lion Lindsey Swanson
Candy on tables/ the club members drew numbers to see what table they sat with tonight. Mixer exercise. Everyone liked it.
Happy Bucks

Lion Jack-Kids are all gone out of the house!
Lion Karen-rescued kitten.
Lion Allison-over sickness!
Lion Ed-Ben got married!
Lion Dick A.-Packers are 3-0! Lion Scott threw in 2 happy bucks for the same reason.

Still in need of volunteers

Candy Day:
All shifts are full at this point for the 16th.
Lion Allison could use some alternates on call.
New vests are getting picked up.
Lion Tami asked about our club partnering with HHS during a home football game maybe next year. Loves Park club does this with HS and has been very successful.

The club has done this in the past.
It would be a great alternative once the lights go up downtown.

Next OSD meeting  will be @ Ledges Golf Club house at The Wild Rhubarb 5:15pm

Leo Club:
Lions Justin and Tami have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday AM at HHS
They have all officer and director roles nominated
Planning their banquet
Working the Homecoming dinner for the Life Skills class.
Lion Tami would like to have the Rockton Lions buy/donate the banner for the Leos when the time comes. (4-week lead time)

Parade Float? Augie?
Lion Kim said she will work to get it ready in time.

Jon A. needs help making phone calls for basket items.

February event:
No update

Discussed the point of having a pre-approved budget.
Less business at meetings
More time for fun and social activities.
Executive Board will still come to General Membership for items not already pre- approved.
Motion to approve budget as presented made by Lion Jim Sahlstrom seconded by Lion Jon A. Motion to approve budget carried unopposed.

Rose Day:
First meeting information passed onto Lion Dick Adams
Dick would like to have an apprentice to train to take over for next year.
If you are interested please get in touch with him.
A question was posed as to whether or not we can get more cash and carry roses.

Village of Rockton:
Lion Dale passed along that The Village would like to partner with the club for a playground or picnic shelter type of project at the athletic field.
Suggestions of a portable/modular skate park were mentioned.
A shed/garage on the OSD grounds was suggested with an estimated cost of about $11K

Pancake Breakfast:
Nothing to report at this time.
Can we do presale tickets? Sure.
Get someone/business to sponsor the ticket printing
Need costs.

MD1 Forum:
Coming up in November
Lions Tami, Karen and possibly Lion Marla are going.

Christmas party:
Will be held December 17th at Ebenezer Brown’s in Roscoe.
Choices of Chicken, Fish or NY strip
Much more affordable than last year.

Lion John P. will be attending the festival tradeshow in Vegas in addition to the Nashville forum to learn how we can improve OSD.
He received a free one year membership/tuition due to the size of our festival.
Club is not paying anything towards trip for the record.

Macktown Warriors:
It was noted how they thank all of their sponsors.

Motion to adjourn made by Lion Scott seconded by Lion Karen. Motion carried unopposed.
Next meeting Thursday, October 15, 2015 6:30pm
Ledges Golf Clubhouse-The Wild Rhubarb