Rockton Lions Club
General Membership Meeting                                                                                  11/3/2016
 November 3, 2016 6:30pm FIBS


Call to order & Pledge of Allegiance 6:30pm Lion Tami led the pledge.



RAMP-Justine and Jennifer covered fundraising and services. Mission is to help individuals with mental and physical disabilities is community reintegration; ITAC Amplified phones; traumatic brain injury group; & employment services. Services Win, Steph, Boone & DeKalb counties. Adult and Youth services available. Youth: K-12-Grade school goes over the different types of disabilities-  Middle school services learning their strengths working with their IEP plans and their transitions. Third grouping: Employment skills, trade school, colleges, universities. Life skills. Teach them skills to be self-sufficient and self-advocating. Admin vs. Actual services?? She did not know. What can we do to help? Word of mouth is the biggest help. Attending events. Sending teams in to participate in events. Sponsorship of events. Volunteers would be the best use of our club.
Boy Scout Troop 619-Jeff, Todd, & Dan, presenting budget for the year. Included photos of last year’s events and service activities. Request is $3931. Issue brought up about OSD money being given to Troop 620 instead. Todd mentioned troop 620 said they only wanted to do mornings, not while the festival was open. Tabled issue.

President’s Announcements-Lion Tami

Chili’s fundraiser-for Lions of IL foundation gets 15%
District Governor Pins $3-get your name to Lion Karen if you want one.
Awards-Membership patch 2015/2016

Secretary’s Report-Lion Karen Motion to approve Lion Kerri, seconded by Rick. Motion carried unopposed.
Treasurer – Lion Allison 
Tail Twister – Lion Kevin King

Happy Bucks

Tami $5 world series
Kerri $3 cubs bears, packers lost
Carrie $5 orientation finished, Cubs, Bears, Parade
Kim $1 hours changed
Doug $1 son finished fourth week of boot camp
Ed $1 son got position as park ranger in CO.

Where is the Lion? Monique, has it.


Leo Club Update – Lion Justin/Zach-Not in attendance
OSD Update –Lion Steve P-Lion David explained his understanding of what the agreement between the Rockton Lions and Troop 620. We need to have Lion Jon Arcouette here to clear this up. Tabled until we can talk with Lion Jon Arcouette. Lion Steve P. says it was his understanding that we pay Troop 620 and they were to divide up the funds. More discussion ensued. Still not resolved.
Wimpy’s Auction Lion Jeanna-coming along great. Two CUBS tickets. Cubs autographed pictures. Asked each Lions to donate items. Doing wine pull. Free night at the Iron Works hotel. Different feel to the auction this year. Lion David and Lion Connie are on the committee. Auction meeting this coming Sunday at 6:30pm Montgomery Financial. Drop stuff off at Ron’s office 8a-4p or Cyndy’s Country Cottage or Jeanna’s house. Steve Shannon will be our auctioneer this year.
Wimpy’s Distribution Lion Tami-Finalizing list of kids and will be working to get them assigned at filled. Chemtool is taking 100 kids this year. Using JARWARS to raise almost $1000. Get other corporate donations to Kerri and she will shout out on social media.
Bi-laws committee Lion David-Lion Scott and Lion David worked on by-laws and presented to executive board. Updating constitution to reflect new International constitution that was updated in June of 2016. Membership chair changed in responsibility. Lions of Int. Foundations wants a rep at each club.
Christmas party Lion Karen-No
Pancake Breakfast-Lion Jeff. Need a contact for the Legion Hall. Ruben Hernandez. We are booked for the auction but he can’t get anyone to respond.

Sausage covered, pancake batter syrup.
Milk donated and juice donated by FIBS per Theresa
Presale Tickets still working on.
Schedule passed around

February Reverse Auction-Not here

Thank yous/Requests

OSD $100 for convention registration request motion made by Lion Karen seconded by Lion Dough. Motion carried unopposed.

 50/50 $42  Jackie won.
Adjourn Lion Jeanna seconded by Lion Steve P. Meeting adjourned at 7:49pm


Upcoming Meetings & Events:
General Membership Meeting at FIBS 6:30pm Thursday November 17th

November 3, 2016