Rockton Lions Club
General Membership Meeting
Nov 2, 2017 6:30pm FIBS
Call to order & Pledge of Allegiance 6:30pm
● Guests: Visiting Guests interested in the Rockton Lions
o Swearing in of new members
▪ Margo-Sponsor Sheri
o Lion Jeanna Woods Wimpy’s Auction: HELP NEEDED
o Todd Praneis- Troop 619 Budget proposal
● President’s Announcements-Lion Tami
o District Governor Pins $3-Sherri has them. Contact her
o Ice Hogs Lions Club Outing March 3 rd , $15 -Contact Karen
o MD1 Forum Nov 18 th Springfield
▪ Sherri
▪ Tami
▪ Cyndy
▪ Betsy
▪ Anyone else??? Info due tomorrow????
o Turkey Drive for the Rockton Food Pantry???
▪ They give 120 baskets
▪ Collect turkey’s from club
▪ All members bring a turkey
▪ WAIT for email from Betsy until you buy the turkey….
▪ Jeanna says size matters… 10-12 lbs =)
▪ Pomahac hear from Don… THere will be a collection made at the next
o Chili Dinner Yeti Fest-Lion Steve P and Lion Jeff S
▪ Problem is health dept. says there is certain amount of individuals that
have to have a certain amount of people health certified. There is only one.
● Chili cooker is going to be Jeff. He volunteered!!!
o Awards
▪ Kerri Wallace
● Certified Guiding Lions- Helps other clubs get their “shit” together
● Sr. Builder Key Award
● Secretary’s Report-Lion Betsy
o Made a motion- Jeanna
▪ 2nd -Pomahac
● Motion Passed
o Dining in the Dark-Jan. 20th
o Call or email Betsy if interested
● Treasurer – Lion Allison
● Made a motion- Jeanna
o 2nd -Pomahac
▪ Motion Passed
● Tail Twister – Lion Kevin King
● Committees:
o Membership Committee-Lion Sheri
▪ Monday the 13th at Steve’s office
o OSD Update –Lion Steve P
▪ Booked car show Sunday
▪ Booked Petting zoo
▪ Friday’s headliners confirmed
▪ Next meeting 16th 5:15 here
o Pancake Breakfast-Lion Jeff
▪ Want to sell ticked call Jeff
o Wimpy’s Auction-Lion Jeanna
▪ Blood Drive
▪ Making posters for next time
o Wimpy’s Delivery-Lion Tami ▪ Well on the way ▪ Pretty much all confirmed ▪ November 14 6:30
o Christmas Party-Lion Karen
▪ Butterfly club
▪ Everything starts at 6:30
▪ Link for that is up to pay for that
▪ Ugly Christmas Sweater contest
● Thank you/Requests
o Phillip Can 2-TY
o Leader Dog-TY
● Business from the floor
o Ron Montgomery talks about investment opportunities
▪ Conversations
▪ Cathy is looking at other opportunities
▪ Nov. 16 looking back at this
o Christmas Walk
▪ Looking back at this…
● We approve the $500 but need to be in the book
o Dick A. 2nd h approved
▪ Motion approved
o Betsy will not be here Nov. 16 Karen will take min.
● 50/50 Drawing
o Motion to adjourn after 0/50 Pomahac
▪ 2nd by Betsy
● Motion approved
● Adjourn
● Upcoming Meetings & Events
Executive Board Meeting November 30th @ Fibs
Next General Membership Meeting October 16th @ Fibs
OSD Meeting November 16th 5:15 @ Fibs
General Membership Meeting November 16th 6:30 pm
MD1 Forum Nov 17-18 th Springfield Il

November 2, 2017