July 1, 2016

Our 2016-2017 Board of Directors have been elected:

President - Tami Verstraete
Vice President - David Kiesewetter
2nd VP - John Peterson
Secretary - Karen Martin
Treasurer - Allison Ebany
Director - Jerry Wallace
Director - Jeanna Woods
Director - August Christopher
Director - Steve Pomahac
Tail Twister - Kevin King
Lion Tamer - Brent Murray
Membership Chairperson - Monique Weaver
Past President - Kerri Wallace


April 24, 2016
During our meeting of 4/21/2016 the Rockton Lions Club approved the funds to build a picnic shelter a the Rockton Athletic Fields. With the partnership of the Village of Rockton we have chosen a design and contractor.  With our funds earmarked from the 2015 OSD festival, the club will build and donate to the Village this picnic shelter.  

It's another way WE SERVE.


July, 2016:

The Rockton Lions Club Picnic Shelter is now completed at the Rockton Athletic Fields.

The funds for this project were made available from our 2015 OSD Festival. It's a great example of how the funds from our projects come back to the community!