May 7, 2015

Rockton Lions Club Meeting Minutes 5-7-2015
President Kerri Wallace led the Pledge of Allegiance.
33 members in attendance

President’s Announcements

2 Meetings left in this Lion Year. There is a lot on the agenda for both.
Presented last Foundation Fellow to Lion Cyndy Fogarty. So much she’s done for our auction and our OSD fundraiser. Very deserving of this prestigious award.
Sad to report Lion Ben Campagnoni passed away. He was a Lion for over 50 years. His family named the Rockton Lions as a memorial beneficiary in his honor in his obituary. It would be nice to make a donation in his honor.

Rose Day we sold 144 dozen which was our third highest year ever. Lion Jack saved the day making deliveries. Thanks to Lions Dick Adams and Karen Martin for co-chairing. Thanks to Lions David Kiesewetter, Karen Martin (and Emily) and Jack Lovejoy for making deliveries where the Scouts were unable to. The Club netted approximately $1500.
Steak Fry: is scheduled for August 8th. More info to come.
OSD Committee: We need EVERY lion in the club to make a contribution of time to make this fundraiser a success. If you are not already on a committee to help, please sign up to volunteer during the festival.
Guests: Jan Eschen of Secretary of State’s Organ and Tissue Donation Program. Shannon Barlow, Lion Jon Arcouette’s business partner.
Jan Eschen gave a presentation of the State of Illinois’ Organ and Tissue donation program. The group shared two stories, Lion Steve Shannon and Lion Ed Specht of how this program has affected them both. Jan talked of the Red Shoe Run for Donor Awareness which helps raise funds to pay for potential marrow donors to register. You can become an organ/tissue donor from their website or at your local DMV office. Ms. Eschen covered common excuses, misconceptions, etc. as to why some people are against becoming a donor. She also went over the difference between solid organ donations vs. tissue donations. There are three ways to verify a donor once brain death has occurred: Gift of Hope Organ Procurement in IL, Eversight registry, and the local coroner. IL is now a first person consent state. Jan explained the different ways and methods people were moved top of the list and how body size and location play a role on how matches are made. Anyone can be a potential donor regardless of age or health. Kidneys are the #1 organ that needs replacing. Minimum wait is 5 years and patients can end up on the wait list and on dialysis for much, much longer.
Membership Changes: Lions Denise Darnell and George Kehoe are transferring over from Macktown Lions Club.
Secretary’s Report: Motion to approve minutes made by Lion John Peterson, seconded by Lion Derrick Lander. Motion carried unopposed.
Sunshine Club: Lion Cathy Bellich shared that Lion Paul Cannell had a triple bypass on Tuesday. He is doing well and at St. Anthony’s.
Treasurer’s Report: Over $50K in donations have gone out. Dues notices will be going out soon. Can be paid by cash, check or cc online with the 3% service fee. Motion to approved made by Lion Scott Wallace seconded by Lion Karen Martin. Motion carried unopposed.
Tailtwister: Lion Rhonda Fair had trivia questions for us. Guess right, you get to pick who pays the fine. Answer incorrectly you pay the fine.
Happy Bucks:
Lion Kerri $5 Lion John sold her house! Emily’s surgery went well. Lion Cyndy Fogarty is here!
Lion Cyndy $5 Happy to be back with us!
Lion Lori $2 One for starting a new job and a second for her daughter’s bachelorette party coming up!
Lion John P. Several $ for selling 7 houses and the Packers drafted better than the Bears did.
Lion Pat $1 for the privilege of marrying Lions Derrick and Lori!
Lion Dick A. $1 for being officially mortgage free!
Lion Kerri $1 for approval of the Leo Club with the school board.
Lion John P. $1 for OSD Ticket Sale numbers!
General Business:
Raffle bond information was given to Lion Kevin King. Must be filled out with Lion Steve Pomahac.
Lion Cyndy Fogarty will be providing a horse and buggy type ride for the parade at OSD. Get with Jack.
OSD: We need everyone from the club to volunteer to help in some aspect at OSD. This is our largest fundraiser of the year. You can get with Lion Dick Adams to volunteer or sign up online.

Chris Weaver needs to get someone to contact the SOBO Lions Club to borrow their float and get it ready for the parade. He is chairing the parade and won’t be able to drive it this year. Motion made that if our float committee doesn’t have the float built by OSD they are in charge of setting up and driving SoBo’s. Seconded by Lion Derrick Lander. Motion passed unopposed.

Planting: Sunday May 17th 8am at Village Hall. Bring tools. Need a couple of wheelbarrows as well. Would S&H possibly be able to donate 5yds of double ground dark wood mulch? Lion Karen will check with S&H and relay info back to Lions Pat and Scott. Need Lions Scott’s skid loader too. Rookies Pub for breakfast afterward.

OSD Booklets: Steve has cases of them in his trunk. Please see him to get them passed around.

Donation Requests:
Chief Dickson came to the Executive Board requesting two replacement defibrillators to replace the ones we bought years back. Cost is about $1591 each. Motion made by Lion David Kiesewetter to donate up to $3000 for the replacement units. Motion seconded by lion John P. Motion carried unopposed.
Birdies for Charity: The Club has traditionally sponsored $1 per birdie which came out to about $2000 last year and in previous years. Motion made by Lion Karen Martin to sponsor $1 per birdie for this year. Motion seconded by Lion Kevin King. Motion carried unopposed.
Hansmeier Fundraiser (Brew Fest): They would like to use our equipment on July 11th. Insurance policies cover any loss/damage so we would not be out any equipment. It was requested the Rockton Lions also make a monetary donation and the club decided to keep it an in-kind donation at this time with the equipment and to possibly revisit the issue later. Motion made to approve by Lion Kevin King seconded by Lion Kim Pinta. Motion carried unopposed.
Talcott Summer Reading program. Motion made by Lion John Peterson to cover up to $300 for ice cream coupons from Dairy Haus for the library again this year. Motion was seconded by Lion Karen Martin. Motion passed unopposed.
Stacy McKee from Kinnikinnick School District made an appeal via Lion Betsy Dhom to sponsor the Life Skills Cognitive Outing’s transportation fees for the next school year. State funding has been cut. Total request is for $2160.90 for the year. They have to use the contracted school bus service and cannot take advantage of So. Beloit’s Mass Transit program. They are also working on writing grants for funds to help cover the cost. Lion Tami Verstraete made motion to cover half the cost now $1080.45- and revisit at a later time. Motion seconded by Lion John Peterson. Motion carried unopposed.
Joe Appage-Legally blind college student in Rockton needs a special computer for school. One quote from Best Buy $1299.99. Request came from membership to get a couple of more quotes and to get the Center for Sight and Hearing involved and revisit.
Vets Roll coming to Rockton. It would be nice to see some Rockton Lion representation there.
Motion to adjourn after 50/50 drawing made by Lion John Peterson seconded by Lion Derrick Lander. Motion carried Unopposed. 50/50 winner netted $67.
Respectfully submitted,

Karen Martin