Pledge 6:30pm led by President Kerri

Thanks for coming on the odd week. Thanks for the last two years. Thanks to Jerry S. and Jim S. for their service on the board this past year.

Secretary’s Report

Minutes were sent out. Motion Kerri second by John approved
Sight and Sound ticket money due
Name badges are in new order going out

Treasurer’s Report

Pending donations to go out
Dues structure coming around. Payment cash check or card – you can pay online under the resource tab
Motion to approve by Karen seconded by Cyndy approved.


50/50 going around
Lion coming back and was given to Theresa to bring back to the steak fry
Happy Bucks

Augie $1 madam president thank you for wonderful two years.
Kerri $1 Mitchel’s last day of school and thankful for his job.
Rick W $1 daughter got a 29 on her ACT, daughter Emma got 4 a’s and a b got a job over the summer  working for IDOT
Pat $1 thank you to Lindsey for not having to organize planting this year and thank you to Justin for letting him come and talk to the kids about Special Olympics
John $4 sold four houses
Cyndy $5 for good news about her health
Lindsey $1 sister got engaged but it wasn’t Jamie
Pat $1 if someone will take up the Christmas decorating too. Lindsey said yes!
Justin $1 Four students gained employment and special Olympics only high school in state that is coached and sponsored by students
Jack $1 for club and all the hard work people do.
Scott $1 last meeting of the year
Kerri $1 for Tami taking over as president

Leo Club:

Meeting with Pepsi today and it was a great meeting for OSD. Selling soda in three areas; including Special Olympics kids as well (two students to one SO athlete).


Beer coolers are in
Booklets are in see Steve to get some.
Blood drive posters
Anyone that can help setting up we will be doing it Monday the 13th through Thursday. Beginning at 9am.


Brian Hansmeier from Hans Brewfest 2nd annual festival July 16th. Looking for help and volunteers from noon to six. Looking for some sponsorship. He has the forms available. Last year was very successful generated enough revenue to give out a $2500 scholarship. Contact Lori Hansmeier to sign up. 21 or older show up you get a t-shirt. Two bands lined up.

Derrick sending sheet around one more time for beer sellers:


Thanks to everyone who showed up.
Thanks to Jamie and Lindsey for organizing and for taking care of the Post Office
There are broken trellises, did the Club want Lindsey to order more for next year? Pat Hoey said yes, it comes out of his Village budget.


Fill them out online ok to wait until after OSD

Steak Fry:

August 13th  More info to come


Has been ordered. Trying to match roof with existing building in the park. Kerri asked Dale for update but he’s been out of town.

Business from the floor:

Cathy Bellich donation for computer came back for less money. Was club ok with paying less money. Yes

Fish and Fund:

June 4th Saturday at Rock Cut Kim Bruno and Denise Darnell are volunteering. 10am


Birdie’s for Charity Motion $1 per birdie by Scott/John
Hansfest Motion for $2000 Jeanna Kevin approved
Whitman Post School request for a new audiometer. Quotes provided. Motion to provide full amount of $1149
Rockton Fire: New pieces of equipment to help with intubation in the field. Approved $250 but they came back asking for more. Their budget is full Motion to stay with $250 made by Pat seconded by Scott. Approved
Lions of IL event see Kerri
Ramp: information sent. Services available for free amplifiers for phones.

Thank yous:

Gary Meyers sent a second thank you for our support of Special Olympics, starting a Leo club and for hosting their first club visit. Helped them raise over $16K for Special Olympics.
Thank you for $3K donation from Goldie Floberg.

Name badges order

50/50 winner $62 Dick Adams

Motion to adjourn made by Scott seconded by everyone.

May 26, 2016