March 3, 2015


Rockton Lions General Membership Meeting Minutes 3-5-15

Pledge of Allegiance led by President Kerri Wallace.

President’s Announcements/Guests:
Moment for the Specht family who lost Anita in the house fire last week. Ed is out of the hospital, the dogs are alive. Memorials have been directed by the family to Wounded Warrior or 4H. Lion Scott Wallace made motion to donate $200 to 4H with Lion John seconding. Motion carried unopposed. Lion Jeremy Oster will get the 4H contact information to Lion Karen.

Awards: Lion Betsy Dhom for sponsoring two new members and a Silver Membership pin to Lion Jeremy Oster for sponsoring a new member(s) in October. Lion Dale Adams presented with the Foundation of IL Fellow award. He received a letter, a patch for his vest, and a plaque.
Please remember to go out and like all of our Facebook pages and share them. It’s the best free advertising we have out there. also has a link where you can find ways to donate other than making monetary contributions. Check them out.
District 1D Convention is coming up in April. Please see Lion Kerri for more information.

Guests: John Schamell a guest of Lion Dick Adams. Sarah, a guest of Lion John Peterson and John Schultz (Captain Jack) a guest of Lion Steve Shannon. Welcome guests!

Swearing in of new member: Welcome Lion John Schamell! Sponsored by Lion Dick Adams!

Secretary’s Report: Minutes were emailed out. Motion to approve made by Lion Scott Wallace seconded by Lion John Peterson. Motion to approve carried unopposed. Change to OSD minutes brought up regarding recycling contact. Change will be made and resent out.

Treasurer’s Report:  Lion Allison is at a work function tonight. Chili cook-off preliminary numbers are $1001 per Lion Kerri. Ideas for designating the funds was put to the committee for suggestions.

 Happy Bucks
$1 Kerri Happy Buck for the week being almost over
$1 Scott Happy Buck for it not being his fault she’s having a bad week. 
$1 Karen Happy Buck for beginning adoption process.
$1 Jeremy Happy Buck for joining Rockton Chamber
$1 Jack Happy Buck for all the new people in the club.
$1 Tami Happy Buck for 1st Meeting at HHS to start the Leo Club.

Chili Cook-off Wrap Up:  $1001 this year rough numbers. Previous years were $1300 last year, $1000 in 2013 and $900 in 2012.

Ro/Ro Expo:  Lion Kevin King and Lion Scott Wallace chair this event. March 14-15th at HHS. We will be selling roses in addition to giving free hearing and diabetic screenings at the event. Lion Kevin passed around the sign-up sheet again to remind everyone of the shifts they signed up for. Lion Kerri suggested making a phone call and/or sending an email to remind them as well. Stop by and say Hi. Dairy Haus will be there with the Girl Scouts to help decide a new GS Cookie flavored ice cream. The Boy Scouts have been contacted about the event by Lion David but they have yet to contact Lion Kevin.

Rose Day: Co-Chaired by Lion Dick Adams and Lion Karen Martin. Tickets are in and everyone should leave with some tonight. Lion Dick shared that we have partnered with Beloit to cross deliver for each other in our areas.
Sight and Sound: Money is due no later than the last meeting in April. We have to have the check mailed in by May 1st.

OSD: Passing around a poster for volunteers to pass out and hang up posters when they are ready. Tickets go on sale in three weeks. OSD Kickoff party is in three weeks.

Townsquare Media: The approached The Village and The Executive Board to do a beer/bbq/rock one day festival. Labor Day weekend in Old Settler’s Park. They would like to rent our OSD equipment, utilize our volunteers and obtain the liquor license for the event. There were questions about how many liquor licenses we can carry. The Village approved more locally but The State still only allows two for a group such as ours. They need our knowledge of the grounds. This will give us a great opportunity to gage how well a classic rock act will do in our area. Lion Scott Wallace made motion to move forward with the Townsquare Media partnership. Many seconded. Motion carried unopposed.

No requests or Thank yous.
Motion to adjourn made by Lion Scott Wallace, seconded by Lion Kevin. Motion carried unopposed.

Respectfully submitted,

Lion Karen Martin