Rockton Lions Club
General Membership Meeting
March 2, 2017 6:30pm FIBS

 Call to order & Pledge of Allegiance 6:30pm led by President Tami


Scott Wallace’s Guests

Jorge Saveedra
Brent Anderson

Stephanie and Bob Burt, Ruthanne and Nicole are their children. Jean and Tom with Shadow their service dog. Ruthanne has Type 1 Diabetes. Diagnosed in 2014, 1st in their family. Working to get her a service dog. Presented on how T1 works and what their life is. Ruthanne gave a list of things she wished people knew about Type 1 Diabetes. Jean was diagnosed at age 25 and hers is genetic. Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers is the organization. PTSD, Autism, Seizure issues are also serviced in addition to Diabetes. Placed 600 dogs this year. Global organization. Training uniquely designed for each situation. Dog can alert up to 50 miles away. $25K needed to get the dog. They are halfway to their goal. This includes 2 years of training. Dogs are guaranteed for ten years of service.

President’s Announcements-Lion Tami

Hosting Zone meeting March 13th at Tuscan Grill. RSVP by March 6th. Elevator equipped. $25
Dining in the Dark next Thursday at Francesco’s. Center for Sight and Sound Fundraiser.
District Convention April 1st at Hilton in Rockford.
State Convention in May

Secretary’s Report-Lion Karen

Four more vision vouchers handed out. Two to Stephen Mack and two to Whitman Post.
Minutes to come soon.
Bring keys and lights to Zone meeting.

Treasurer – Lion Allison

Unconventional report tonight. =  )
Donations to read into minutes

Donation to Roscoe Boy Scout Troop 620 $500
Barbara Olson School of Hope donation $1000
$15000 overage that we can allocate out.

Suggestions were made

Tail Twister – Lions Marla and Steve Herringer honorary Tail Twisters

Happy Bucks

John-all headliners are booked, sold Scott’s brother’s house
Doug-son finished Marine boot camp.
Kerri-daughter went on maternity leave and just volunteered to help at OSD with the carnival
Jeff-son going to DC and his essay was picked to present at The Tomb of the Unknown
Denise-got a raise
Kim-finally got her tooth fixed.
Kerri-Scott planned a great vacation for them
Allison-because she is sitting next to John
John-because he is sitting next to Allison

Executive Board Elections coming up.

Positions open 2yr position Director
Nominations will be made at next meeting
Election on April 6th for 2017/2018

Reporting, attending meetings, record keeping


Collect funds from various sources, banking, tracking donations, budget. Seven checking accounts, two scholarship accounts, PayPal account. QuickBooks. Allison would stay on to handle this aspect. Financial statements, works with accountants for auditing. OSD full commitment. It’s not for a novice. Commitments at events to make sure funds are available and meetings.


OSD met earlier tonight. Budget for this year’s event passed around. Working on getting it finalized earlier next year by September for general membership approval. It will only help us get better every year. Goal is $100K profit. Need an OSD photographer. Bands are all booked. Still trying to find the perfect formula with bands.
Rose Day sponsored ad for Facebook. $20 Motion made by Scott W. Seconded by Karen M. Motion carried unopposed.
Ro/Ro April 1st and 2nd Kevin will not be here. Need volunteers and someone to co-chair. It will be held at Roscoe Middle School
International Convention Volunteers: Sherri June 20-July 5th. Can register by mail or electronically.
Hockey Rink- Steve H. Some of the guys he used to play hockey with gave him some info on where to find some scrap boards. Ice Hogs are interested in helping either in fundraising event or onsite helping to repair. Working with Curtis Tousant. Coming down after season to evaluate. John Peterson noted to Village person we are working with this. Scott/Public Works. Meeting is next Monday 6:30pm and it would be a great idea to attend.

Thank yous/Requests



$36.50 to Scott Wallace.


Motion to adjourn after 50/50 made by Karen seconded by everyone.

March 2, 2017