March 19, 2015

Rockton Lions General Membership Meeting Minutes 3-19-15

Pledge of Allegiance led by President Kerri Wallace.

President’s Announcements/Guests:

Lion Cyndy Fogarty was going to try and make it tonight but was unable to.
Thanks for the help and turnout at Ro/Ro.
Lion Kerri still has the card for the Specht family if you didn’t get a chance to sign it last time.
Please contact Kerri regarding nominating committee (Past Presidents). She would like to have everything set for the 2nd meeting in April.
Rockton Chamber nominations up. The Rockton Lions are represented in each and every category.
Guests: Rockford Evening Lions are joining us for both OSD meeting and general membership meeting. They will be helping us staff the carnival at OSD.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes were emailed out. Motion to approve made by Lion Dick Adams seconded by Lion Rhonda Fair. Motion to approve carried unopposed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Reports passed out. Scholarship funds are short. Rockton Lions fund is at $460.27 and Dr. Loomis fund is at $561.20. We need $978.52 to augment those funds to be able to disperse the $1000 scholarships (1 from each fund) this year. Motion to augment the funds made by Lion JJ and was seconded by Lion Derrick. Motion passed unopposed. Motion to approve treasurer’s report made by Lion Scott and seconded by Lion Steve. Motion passed unopposed.

Tailtwister:  Happy Bucks
$3 Kerri Happy Buck for the last OSD act being booked, for our guests from Rockford Evening, and for Mitchell finally starting to feel better.
$1 Karen Happy Buck for Alex being home from Ohio to visit.
$1 Andy for coaching a championship team!
$1 Tami Happy Buck for 2nd Meeting at HHS to start the Leo Club with 15 returning would be members.

Ro/Ro Expo:  Lion Kevin shared that we provided 44 hearing and 21 sight screenings during the event. The Boy Scouts were very helpful as well. Pictures were posted on Facebook.

Sight and Sound: Money is due no later than the last meeting in April. We have to have the check mailed in by May 1st.

Rose Day: Co-Chaired by Lion Dick Adams and Lion Karen Martin. Please see Dick if you need more tickets. You can start turning in your sold tickets and money to Karen. Please see Karen after the meeting if you would like a yard sign.

OSD: is on track per Lion Steve Pomahac. Saturday act has been booked. We are in crunch time and all committee chairs need to be at the meetings and have a backup in place if they can’t be at a meeting.

Townsquare Media: We are getting closer per Lion Steve Shannon. The verification of venue has been done and now it’s up to the talent people to fill the slot.

Stateline Youth Athletics: Asking for funds to put into their hardship fund for those in financial trouble. They lost their corporate sponsor Encompasses baseball/softball ages 5-16 from Roscoe, Rockton, and South Beloit communities. Motion to donate $500 made by Lion Karen seconded by Lion Dick. Motion carried unopposed.

2015 Fish & Fun Day. Sponsored by many clubs in D1. Allows individuals with disabilities a chance to get out and fish in the fresh air. The event is scheduled for June 6th. They are also looking for volunteers to help the day of the event. Each club has been asked to donate between $150 and $250. Motion to donate $250 made by Lion Jerry Wallace, seconded by Lion Andy. Motion carried unopposed.
Leader Dog. Time for our annual donation. Last year we donated $1000. Motion to donate $1000 again this year made by Lion Jeremy seconded by Lion Betsy. Motion carried unopposed.

Rockton Grade School: Preschool screening equipment for vision is obsolete. The school nurse submitted bids between $1300 and $1700 she found online for the new apparatus. Discussion ensued. Lion Tami made motion to donate $1400 to the school for the equipment with Lion Betsy seconding. Motion carried unopposed.

The Club is looking for help from its newer members to get some fresh blood on our many committees. We have members who are ready to pass the torch and share their knowledge. So Lion Kerri went through each group describing what it does and what kind of commitment is needed.

Golf Play Day-Lion Jim Baluch scheduled for September.
Candy Day-Lion Allison the benefits the Lions of IL Foundation. One day in October with shifts running between 7a-7pm. Not a whole lot of planning other than getting Village approval to be on the corners. It is a 60/40 split with the LoIF and the Rockton Lions normally give our 40% to the Talcott Library for purchase of large print books.

Peppermint Swirl Blood Drive-Lion Karen held the same Sunday as the Peppermint Swirl craft show. New event. 9am-3pm need just a couple of volunteers to help guide donors to the bus.

Pancake Breakfast/Christmas Walk-Lion Derrick – Santa visits. We try to get sponsorships for food and paper goods. We split the proceeds with the Legion then they make a big donation back to Wimpy’s. Need staff to help cook and serve the day of.

Wimpy’s Auction-Lion Jon Arcouette and Lion Steve Shannon Need volunteers to make phone calls and reach out for donations to put in silent auction/live auction. Need people to help make baskets. Need people to pick up donations. Need help setting up the day prior and help the day of.

Wimpy’s Fund-Lion Tami and Lions Jodi and Megan Need help the week prior wrapping gifts and assembling baskets to take to families. Keep your eyes open for potential spaces to stage. This delivery happens the Saturday prior to Christmas.

Chili Cook-off-Lion Josh Event features 10-15 chili cookers and a bags tournament. Looking for a few committee members and help the day of the event.

Sight and Sound Sweepstakes-Lion Karen Keep track of tickets and money coming back from tickets. Drawings are done at State Convention. This event could easily transition to another Lion.

Old Settler’s Days-Lion Steve Pomahac This is our biggest fundraiser and the hopes that EVERYONE in the club participates in some manner for this fundraiser. There are many sub-committees to choose from
Entertainment-Lion John Peterson
Sponsorship-Lion Brent Murray
Ticket Booth-Lion Andy Honkamp
Beer Ticket Sellers-Derrick
Grounds-Lion Cory Magnus
Carnival-Lion Miranda Magnus
Food/Vendors/Animals-Lion Tami Verstraete
VIP/Lions Den-Lions Betsy Dhom and Rhonda Fair
Website/ Social Media-Lion Kerri Wallace
Advertising-Lion Monique Weaver
Communications-Lion Karen Martin
Parade-Lion JJ Bach
5K Run/Walk-Lion Dean Camacho

Ro/Ro Expo-Lion Kevin King This event gives us a booth style exposure. We also offer vision and hearing screenings through the Lions of IL Foundation. Need volunteers just on the days of the event.

Rose Day-Lions Dick Adams and Karen Martin We earn $7 per dozen of roses sold. Need help the days of delivery. The Boy Scouts help us deliver too.

Planting in Downtown Rockton-Lions Pat Hoey and John Peterson Need 8-10 people to help plant flowers in the spring and put up holiday decorations in the winter.
Eyeglass donations-Lion Jerry Wallace
Rush Games?
Steak Fry-could we move this to a Friday or Saturday?

Executive Board meeting March 26th at 6:30pm at FIBS
Next meeting April 2nd at FIBS
Motion to adjourn made by Lion Kerri, seconded by Lion Steve. Motion carried unopposed.

Respectfully submitted,

Lion Karen Martin