Rockton Lions Club
General Membership Minutes
January 19, 2017 6:30pm FIBS


Call to order & Pledge of Allegiance 6:30pm led by President Tami


Beloit Noon Lions/Lioness Lion Phyllis Meyer, Winnie Gents, DC member, and Diabetes Chairperson. Selling candy/nuts.
Goldie Floberg Center guests presented an overview of what their program does currently. John and Laura visiting. Just finished a 10-year project to get the children and teens into smaller group homes with staff. Began to survey needs in the community for disabled individuals. They created a day program on the existing campus for adults. Employment services, therapy programs. Multiple businesses run through the center. Adult learning program terribly underfunded by State. Special Olympics program underfunded. Thank you to the Rockton Lions for our years of support. Natural progression from high school team to Floberg team. They also have teams that like to volunteer and give back to the community too. Check with Laura to set that up.
Lion Dennis Nelson, from Rockford Noon Lions and Leader Dog Puppy Raiser. Thanked us for Jeanna and her work with Astro, and her work with the Wimpy’s Auction. Rockford had placed 80 veterans into homes and it struck him that there should be more that can be done to help these vets. He provided lists to the club of items they could use. Bedding, utensils, kitchen items, and other household items. Extra items not used for the existing veterans were put in baskets and have now supported home start up for 7 more vets.TP, paper towels, and cleaning supplies are the biggest need. Lion Cyndy offered to have a box at her store to collect donations.
Trivia Night April 29th at CS&H. 70 spots available. Flyers to come at a later time.
Orientation guests: Steve and Leann Olson guests of Lions Scott Wallace. Members were sworn in. Orientations will be set up third Tuesday of the month. Contact Lion Monique to get your potential new members signed up to attend.

President’s Announcements-Lion Tami

Chili’s fundraiser ends the end of January!
District 1D night at the Ice Hogs-note season ticket holders can call their ticket agent and ask that $5 of their ticket sale go to the Lions Fundraiser.

Lion Jack Lovejoy 25 year chevron
Lion Brue Werbach 15 year chevron
Lion Cyndy 10 year chevron

New fee structure from International per President Bob Corlew

We are writing to inform you that we are consolidating new member and charter fees into a single category called entrance fees. As part of this consolidation, we will have one single entrance fee of $35 as of July 1, 2017.

Zone Meeting next Thursday at Lino’s RSVP required 6:30pm $25/person
Next Zone Meeting we host!

Monday, March 13th Tuscan Grill (downstairs) 6:30pm $25 per person *Note they do have an elevator for those not able to do stairs.

Dining in the Dark, Thursday, March 9th @ Francesco’s RSVP required $65/person Fundraiser for The Center for Sight and Hearing. Event Brite/check out their Facebook event. We are sharing a table with Rockford Noon and have three tickets still available although more are welcome to sign up!
Three Lions from our club attending Guiding Lion Certification at The Center for Sight and Hearing February 12th.

Secretary’s Report-Lion Karen

Minutes from 01-05-17 forgot to email out. Will email out tonight.
Email subcommittee hours no later than Wednesday next week please.

Treasurer – Lion Allison

Motion to approve made by Lion Steve P. seconded by Lion John P. Report passed unopposed 

Tail Twister – Lion Kevin King

Happy Bucks

Augie for the Packer win
Karen for a new kitten, bifocals, and the inauguration
John for listing a few houses, OSD headliner confirmed, and more to confirm tomorrow.
Monique for her happy boys
Denise for her promotion that puts her back local
Gennie for multiple job interviews
Chris for Jack helping his boys with 50/50
Leanne for a new quilting contract, and her daughter being home to visit
Marcus for a new game
Carter friend’s parents were in an accident but are ok


Leo Club Update – Lion Justin/ Leo Zach Not in attendance
Membership Committee-Lion Monique: Trying to pack membership orientations. Even if someone is mildly interested have them come check it out. Want to exceed 100 members for our Centennial Goal of 100 members. She is flexible and can go to homes or meet at FIBS or wherever she needs to make it happen. Next orientation is February 21st 6:30pm
OSD Update –Lion Steve P: Next meeting February 2nd at FIBS. Meetings will be every other week at that point.
Reverse Auction/Yeti Fest- Lion Gennie: February 4th 5:30-7:30pm Passed around sign-up sheet for the chili supper. Mike Hall will be cooking at no charge. They cut the price of the Hall in half. Suggested that someone else speak with them and allow them to open the bar and it. Mil Christopher has a contact at the Legion and will relay what to say to her. We will pay a per plate fee. Women’s auxiliary will be helping in the kitchen as well. 1000 tickets for draw down…if everyone takes 10 we can have them all sold. Drawing will be at OSD. $25 per ticket. Don’t have to be present to win. Do we have a raffle permit? We do but need to check and see what the limits are on that. Lion Kevin King will look into what we have and get back to us. What happens if we don’t sell them all do we still have to give away full amount? Yes. Trish sent out Yeti Fest sign-up sheet. Leo’s are selling hot chocolate. Voting is by cash in buckets. Winners takes half and rest is going to the Rockton Lions Club. Snow making machine will be there.
Rose Day-Lion Dick and Lion John S.-Not here
Sight and Sound Sweepstakes begins- Lion Tricia D.
$20 for plenty raffle tickets- Lion Jackie
Ro/Ro-Lion Kevin King-Announcement will be official tomorrow as to location. March 11-12th.
International Convention Volunteers-Lion Sheri-Not here

Thank yous/Requests

Northern IL Student Conference-Tabled for more information.

Farewell to Astro as he continues his journey with Leader Dog. If anyone is interested in adopting a Leader Dog that doesn’t pass, see Jeanna for a friends and family application that has to be turned in when they take him back. $1000 fee. Jeanna expressed her thanks to the individuals in the club for the puppy shower and all the donations throughout the year.
50/50 Drawing $81 Jim Sahlstrom donated back to the Woods’ for therapy after Astro leaves. hehehehe
Adjourn Motion to adjourn by Lion Monique seconded by everyone.


January 19, 2017