Rockton Lions Club
Meeting Minutes 30 members present
                                                                                                                                                01-07-16 FIBS Restaurant

President Kerri Wallace led the Pledge of Allegiance.
President’s Announcements

Welcome back everyone!

Brent Murray membership key for sponsoring 2 new members that made it past their 1 year and 1 day anniversary with The Club.

Zone Meeting 1-28 at Nunzio’s on North Second Street in Loves Park. 7pm Sharp. Lion Kerri stressed she would like to see not only those that go often but some new faces. It’s a great way to keep up with what is going on in the Zone and network with other club members. Lions Kerri, Karen, Tami and Kevin are RSVP’d to go so far. $15 per person for buffet dinner.
District Convention April 1-2 in Rockford.
State Convention May 21st in Springfield.
Glasses sorting party in Sycamore at LIF February 6 8am.
Chili’s LIF fundraiser continues through January 30th.
Dining in the Dark benefit for CS&H. 3-10-16 $50 per person or a table of 10 for $450

Lion Joe Locke, Lion Tami, Lion Karen interested in going.

Interest in CS&H tour this year? No.
Thank you to all the Christmas event chairs.

Guests: Jeff Schreck guest of Andy Honkamp.

He has participated in Youth baseball previously. He attended orientation with Lion Tami. He’s interested in becoming the Pancake Chairperson.
Lion Tami inducted new Lion Jeff into The Club.

Secretary’s Report

Tabled until next meeting
Still in need of binders and sheet protectors to be donated.
Two more eyeglass vouchers were distributed to Whitman Post School.

Treasurer’s Report

Report passed around.
Donations to read into minutes:

Lions Club International Foundation $2200.00
Scholarship funds $26010.00
Talcott Library $3000

Bounced check from Wimpy’s auction. Attempting to collect.
Motion to approve made by Lion Karen seconded by Lion John P. Motion carried unopposed.

Tail Twister

Last call for 50/50
Happy Bucks

Lion Kerri-New Year
Lion Augie has angry buck for Wimpy’s spending at Aldi vs. Walmart.
Lion John has sold 6 houses since beginning of the year and for the Packers making the playoffs. He was also notified that blood he donated was used to save a life.
Lion Cathy’s son got engaged over the holiday.
Lion Kerri is excited that her new car still has all four wheels on the ground.
Lion Dick A. thank you for the nice flowers he received from The Club on a day he really needed them.
Lion Allison for a great trip to MN and a great New Years.
Lion Brent for his first Dairy Haus delivery to Woodman’s in Beloit.
Lion Jack for our newest member.

Leo Club:

Meeting Monday due to finals
Justin got schedule for the rest of the year
Will be helping us at OSD.
Special Olympics-basketball helping at practices, coaching. Sitting with SO Team in student section of net home game. Possibly having them recognized at varsity game.



131 Families this year with over 336 kids helped.
Leo’s sock drive netted 51 pks. of socks and 30 pks. of underwear for the kids.
Lion Tami read a thank you letter from a Wimpy’s family.
Please see the video from a Wimpy’s family on Facebook.

Pancake Breakfast

Lion John says this went ok but has gone down in attendance over the past couple of years. He suggested possibly doing presale tickets next year.
New Lion Jeff works for Smucker’s and would like to provide coffee and syrup for next year.
Many people got Old Stone Church’s breakfast with Santa confused with ours.

Wimpy’s Auction

Total $7626 net
Feedback regarding live auction items.

Executive Board Meeting

Met on 12-9 and preliminarily approved funding for the new bowling event for Special Olympics at HHS. The funding would come from The Club’s portion of the Christmas weekend 50/50 money. This would involve about 12-15 students and cover their games and shoe rental for the season which goes all through summer. Great social and skill building opportunities for these young adults. Motion to approve Board’s decision made by Lion Steve P. seconded by everyone. Motion carried unopposed.

Lion Pat Hoey added that in 2015 $4.1 million was raised by Law Enforcement for Special Olympics. Polar Plunge is coming up. His page is up ready to receive donations from individuals. The plunge is scheduled around March 3-4.

OSD Meeting

Will pick back up again at our first February meeting. Meetings will be twice a month until May when they move to every week up until the event.

Counter Mints Program

Potential to get local businesses involved. Rolls of mint candy. Cases of over 500 rolls working out to about $0.16 per roll.
Lion Steve and Lion Jack are interested. We need to contact the bank to see if they would allow us to have a unit there.
Lion Allison to compare costs of these vs. Candy Day candy. Tabled until next meeting.

Sight and Sound Sweepstakes

All booklets have been distributed.
Money can be turned in any time with ticket stubs.

$20 for Plenty (old Calendar) Raffle

Lion Karen got 10 more tickets for sale.
Good all year long. If your number is selected you win $50. District 1D sends you a check.

Rose Day

Lions Dick Adams and John Schamell are co-chairing the event this year. Dick asked for some additional help due to his leg. Lion Cathy Bellich offered to help out.
Suggestion was made to have more cash and carry roses this year because we can sell them right by the side of the road.


Lion Cathy Bellich was awarded her 15 yr. membership chevron as she wasn’t here for the last meeting to receive it. (squirrel moment)


Beloit Daily News reported that Ro/Ro will be held at All Word Machinery in South Beloit in lieu of The Dome’s collapse.
Please get Lion Kevin the information to pass along to LIF for the busses.


Hope Foundation Touch of 70’s Event. They have asked for a silent auction item and/or add sponsorship of their program.
Motion made by Lion Scott to do a $550 ad which nets the club 2 sets of tickets valued at $125 to be raffled off at a later meeting for the admin fund. AND to donate 2 OSD weekend packages for 2 (2-festival passes, 2-concert tickets for each night of the festival) valued at $225. Lion Pat Hoey seconded. Motion carried unopposed.
Add information needs to be given to Lion Monique ASAP so she can get ad designed and sent in before deadline.

Thank You Notes

Wimpy’s thank you letters.

50/50 $58 Lion Scott
Motion to adjourn made by Lion Kerri seconded by everyone. Next meeting January 21st 6:30pm at FIBS.

January 7, 2016