February 18, 2016


Rockton Lions Club
General membership meeting                                                                  February 18, 2016
                                                                                                                          6:30pm FIBS Restaurant

President Kerri led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Girl Scouts are back with a thank you note and cookies to delivery and sell.
Awards: Person is not here to award.
District Convention: April 1-2 in Rockford
State Convention May 21st in Springfield
Men’s night out at Sanctuary Spa Friday February 19th; Collecting eyeglasses for the LIF
This is the second or third event she’s held to benefit the Lions in some manner.
Rockton Lions will have our own YouTube channel starting up soon.

Jerry and Beth Cassler guests of Lions Jeanna and Rick Woods
Scott Paccignini guest of Lion Tami Verstraete
Kelsey Kanneberg guest of Lions Andy and Arianne Honkamp
Rockford Noon Lions member Marguerite, President
Rockford Noon Lions Mary and Dennis Nelson
Rockford Noon Lions Carol and Harold Owens
Future Leader Dogs Gretta and Libby
Swearing in of new members:
Scott Paccignini and Kelsey Kanneberg
Fundraiser for Leader Dog and the CS+H
Trivia night being put on by Rockford Noon Lions, April 30th
$10 each to attend
Raffle tickets being sold to pick the Owens’ new Leader Dog Puppy’s name.
Silent Auction, Food and beverage for purchase.
Leader Dog Demonstration
Secretary’s Report:
Emailed out, called for motion to approve. Lion Jeanna motioned and Lion Lori seconded. Motion to approve carried unopposed.
Treasurer’s Report:
Report handed out.
Donations read into the minutes from the budget:
Girl Scouts $250
CS&H Golf outing $300
Ben Campagnoni Park Bench $900
Called for motion to approve. Lion Karen motioned and Lion John P. seconded Motion to approve carried unopposed.
Tail Twister:
Happy Bucks:
Lion Erica $5 for men’s night coming up at the spa.
Lion Jeanna $2 Flame of Hope Award for Special Olympics –Recognizing Lion Pat Hoey
Lion Erica $1 follow up happy buck for Flame of Hope Award
Lion Kerri $1 Medical bills are taken care of.
Lion John P. $5 Two houses listed, one sold, all the bands for OSD are locked.
Lion Lori $2 Gained a daughter in law and found out about grandbaby #2 coming.
Lion Dick $1 He can wear pants again. The cast is gone.
Lion Kerri $1 Follow up that Dick is wearing pants and $1 for the visiting Rockford Noon Lions.
Lion Allison $1 for all the adorable puppy décor.
Lion Carol from Rockford Noon $1 that Jeanna is joining the Puppy Raiser family.
Last call for 50/50

Sign-up sheets coming around for shifts both on March 12th from 9a-4p and March 13th from 10a-3p

Leo Club
Meeting tomorrow. Highlights of them coaching the Special Olympics basketball team.
Rose Day
SELL SELL SELL! More tickets are available if needed.
Sign-up sheet not ready yet.
Tickets and money can be dropped off at Lion Cathy Bellich’s State Farm Office, Lion Steve Pomahac’s Macktown Insurance office or to Lion Dick Adams directly. They can also be brought to meetings and dropped off there.
Next meeting will be March 2nd at 6:30pm upstairs at FIBS.
General Business:
Online membership surveys will be coming out soon. Please put comments where appropriate with your ratings. It’s hard to understand just with a checkmark if you disagree; more explanation will help the board better the club & meetings.
LIF Chevron for the Club in honor of our $3150 donation to Camp Lions which sponsored six campers.
Quiet Riots’ calendar shows Brews & BBQ on it for this year.
Puppy Shower!!! Astro has a wish list on Amazon. Lion Jeanna will get this out to everyone.
Melvin Jones and Foundations Fellows please get your nominations to Lion Kerri.
Motion to adjourn after the 50/50 made by Lion Karen seconded by Lion Scott.
Lion Jim Sahlstrom won the 50/50 and donated it to the dog food fund for Lions Jeanna and Rick Woods’ Leader Dog Puppy.