Rockton Lions - General Membership Meeting

Minutes    April 7, 2016   6:30 pm fibs

6:30 call to order by President Kerri
President’s announcements
Toast to Rhonda!
4 foundation fellows to nominate and will be sent in
Melvin Jones had a conflict of interest and has been delegated to Allison
State convention is May 20-22 in Springfield if anyone wants to go

 guests/new members
Lisa, guest of Cyndy Fogarty, opened Taylor & Max
Swore in new members Bob Betz, Dan Bawinkel, George & Julie Hernandez, all sponsored by Chris Weaver.  All are Rock Valley professors

secretary’s report
Distributed via email
Lion Steve Pomahac motioned to approve, Lion Theresa seconded, all approved

Not in attendance, will email

 tail twister
Shannon Barlow returned the plastic Lion. Given to new Lion George Hernandez to return at next meeting
Happy Bucks
Chris Weaver’s father’s tumor is benign
David Kieswetter - Boy scouts sold 20+ roses
Marla’s son is graduating college
Chris donated a happy buck – Kerri is happy Chris brought 4 new members
Scott is not happy Augie was hung over yesterday
Pin fines of $1

Nominations for 2016-2017 board
President – Tami Verstraete
1st VP – David Kieswetter
2nd VP – John Peterson
Secretary – Karen Martin
Treasurer – Allison Ebany
2 year Director (second year) – Jerry Wallace
2 year Director (second year) – Monique Weaver is resigning her second year in order to accept nomination as Membership Director – Jeanna Woods nominated to fill 2nd year of this position
Membership Director – Monique Weaver
Director –Augie Christopher
Director - Steve Pomahac
Lion Tamer – Brent Murray
Tail Twister – Kevin King
Immediate Past President – Kerri Wallace
Lion Scott Wallace made a motion to accept the nominations, Lion Augie Christopher seconded. Motion passed
Steve P has expressed concern over handling OSD and being on board, nominating committee felt there were enough people to balance any concerns

2016 Steak Fry place & date
Most did not have a preference for date or location
Officers will be sworn in
Beloit Lionesses said they do a cash bar and that's something we could look at doing.

District Convention Recap
Tami, Kerri, Karen & Sherry attended.  Were well received by the District.
Jeanna was there with Astro for Leader Dog
Kerri gave a speech on Autism Awareness and pins were handed out
Push for the next year is the 100th anniversary and the convention in Chicago – will need LOTS of volunteers!
Chicago convention is last week in June 2017 at McCormick place

Leo Club Update
Had 2nd bowling night Monday, added 5 more, so 22 bowlers.
30 individuals signed up for Special Olympics, previous high was 5
Over 40 Leo members now
Soliciting members from the 8th grade as well for next year
Special Olympics moved from service to athletics

OSD Update
Met prior to general membership
Everything going well
Feedback from meetings in the past few weeks has indicated the businesses/potential sponsors are very impressed with how OSD is run by a volunteer club. Impression is that for-profit festivals are not run as well.
Kick off was fabulous
Pick up posters to hang around town
Magnets available to hand out, Justin Weiman will take around town to distribute

Rose Day Update
Couple more days to get your tickets in – either turn in to Dick or to Macktown Insurance
63 internet orders – significantly more than last year
Boy scouts did 21
Jack sold 40
Club total is about 200
Delivery is Saturday April 16, show up at Macktown Insurance between 8-8:30 am
Will hand out OSD magnet with roses
Will have extras for cash & carry

Rhonda Fair Tribute
Memorial donations were directed to Wimpy’s at the family’s wish
Exec Board would like to designate an amount for Wimpy’s in Rhonda’s name to continue to support families. Discussion took place on not designating an amount, but rather attaching her name to supporting a family.  Wanted to do a specific amount as we have done benches in the past for other members that have passed.
Lion Jeanna Woods moved to donate $1500 to Wimpy’s and also have Rhonda’s name associated with a family each year, Lion Kevin King seconded.  All approved.

Survey Results
Only about 1/3 responded, biggest issue is that location is running out of space. Researching locations.
Results were handed out along with comments (attached)
Will review at next board meeting
Cliques also are a bit of an issue and would like to see more table integration
Always looking for ways to improve
If you have any feedback from the results, let Kerri know

Brews & BBQ
Officially moved to the Speedway due to the Village expense (security and 2 days)
Do we want to look at another event in the fall?
Kerri reached out to Ryan Asta to see if they will be doing Octoberfest – will be first weekend in October. Not sure about Hansfest, Kerri will check with Ryan Hansmeier
Discussion ensued about having an event to promote the village.
Peppermint Swirl blood drive won’t happen, so would like to replace that – maybe Christmas walk weekend?

 business from the floor
Planting - $750 budget, Jamie is ordering flowers.  Will schedule planting.  Needs to know how many cages are needed.
Jack said he would donate flowers for his mom (even though she is still alive) – she will walk by them every day.

requests & thank you notes

$81 to the Leo Club!


Motion to adjourn at 7:25 pm made by Lion Scott Wallace and seconded by Lion Chris Wallace

next meeting: april 21, 2016 5:15 pm @ fibs – elections!

upcoming events:
april 16, 8 am, macktown insurance – rose delivery
april 27 – executive board
may 5 – general membership
may 25 – executive board
may 26 – general membership – new date!!o get a firm date for the nominating committee meeting.

April 7, 2016