Rockton Lions Club
General Membership Meeting
April 6, 2017 6:30pm FIBS

Call to order & Pledge of Allegiance 6:37pm as the OSD meeting went over.



Lion Dick Adams Rose Day: Delivery is this Saturday. Sales are down over last year. Close to 60 dozen sold online. Total of about 180. Still need volunteers to delivery 830am at Macktown Insurance. There will be extras available will call. Boy Scouts are coming  to help as well


President’s Announcements-Lion Tami

Guest: Lion Steve’s guest Todd from Kona Ice. He is looking at possibly participating in OSD as well as River Walk. He is interested in joining possibly too.


Nominations: President: Tami Verstraete, 1st Vice: Karen Martin, 2nd Vice: Scott Paccagnini, Secretary: Gennie Siwicki, Treasurer: David Kiesewetter, Tail Twister: Kevin King, Lion Tamer: Brent Murray, LCIF Coordinator: Cyndy Fogarty, Membership Director: Monique Weaver, 2yr Director: Augie Christopher, 1yr Director: Sheri Zimmer and Joe Locke and we can take Nominations from the floor as well for these positions.

Nominations will be posted for ten calendar days prior to election on April 20th.
Nominations will be taken from the floor as well.
Motion to accept nominations made by Lion Kerri. Seconded by everyone. Motion to accept nominations carried unopposed.

State Convention coming up

Secretary’s Report-Lion Karen Motion to approve both sets of minutes made by Lion Jeanna, seconded by Lion Doug. Motion to approve both sets of minutes.
Treasurer – Lion Allison

Zone money is missing off report as is Happy Bucks and 50/50 money as she just received everything.
Motion to approve Treasurer’s report made by Lion Scott W seconded by everyone. Motion to approve carried unopposed.

Tail Twister – Lion Kevin King

Pins are in
Happy Bucks

Lion Scott W. being elected to School Board
Lion Andy for his birthday
Lion Tami for becoming a grandma
Lion Dale $3 three months ago since surgery
Lion Kerri is a grandma again to a healthy baby boy
Lion Marla won $50 on 20 for plenty raffle
Lion John sold a couple of houses
Lion Trish $2 for selling last of Sight and Sound Tickets and Lion Dale is Mayor again so she still has a job for four more years
Lion Kevin is back to IL weather. And for Jeanna doing Ro/Ro


Leo Club Update – Lion Justin/ Leo Zach-Club is starting with Spec. Olympic. teams on spring sports. The unified basketball team took second place at State. They are making tiki huts and surf boards for us for OSD
Membership Committee-Lion Monique

Tuesday April 16th 6pm at Macktown Insurance for orientation
Slotted to swear in our 100th member by next meeting

OSD Update –Lion Steve P

Met before general membership meeting.
Kickoff party and Countdown party were both successful

Draw Down- Lion Gennie

Draw date changed to coincide with Wimpy’s auction.
Forming a committee looking for volunteers. Karen and Betsy and Sharon and Rebekah and Adam and Jody

Rose Day Update-Lion Dick and Lion John S.
Sight and Sound Sweepstakes update- Lion Tricia D. almost sold out
$20 for plenty raffle tickets- Lion Jackie
Ro/Ro-Lion Jeanna Woods

55 hearing screenings identified 17 with loss
25 eye screenings

Trivia Night for Leaderdog-Jeanna $10 per ticket April 29th 6pm.
International Convention Volunteers-Lion Sheri

Sign up and come celebrate

Hockey Rink-Lion Steve Herringer

Speaking with Curtis from the Icehogs

Convention Update- Lion Karen Martin

Thank yous/Requests

OSD 5K run covers for barricades $1392.00 zip tie version or slip cover style $1759.84 (16pc). Motion to approve made by Lion Betsy seconded by Lion Karen. Motion carried with two opposing. There was discussion after this vote that the vote was called too quickly without a chance for discussion.

50/50 Drawing-$70 winner Sheri Zimmer
From the Floor

Rockford Evening Lions car show Saturday, May 13th at the Center for Sight & Hearing in Rockford.
Lions Kerri and Emily will be participating in the Autism Walk May 13th. They are looking for private donations.
Homeless Vets Project will take men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. Drop off point at Cyndy’s Country Cottage.

Adjourn: Motion to adjourn made by Lion Jeanna seconded by Lion Karen. Meeting adjourned at 7:23pm.


Upcoming Meetings & Events:  

General Membership: April 20th: Election

Executive Board Meeting April 27th @ Fibs

Officer Training May 13th 9:30-2:30 Stillman Valley HS

 -2:30 Stillman Valley HS

April 6, 2017