April 21, 2016


Rockton Lions - General Membership Meeting Minutes
April 21, 2016  6:30 pm   fibs

6:30 call to order by President Kerri
President’s Announcements
State Convention is coming up.
Presentation of the 4-new member swear in crock pot to Lion Chris Weaver
Lion Kim is not here but still has $10 T-shirts M-4XL avail.

 secretary’s report
Thank you to Lion Jeanna for filling in for Lion Karen last meeting
Lion Karen thought Lion Jeanna sent the minutes out to everyone but it was just her. She will get them emailed out tonight.

Report was distributed
Balance of OSD money was transferred into fundraising account.
OSD Sponsorship $ and Ticket $ has been added in
Motion to approve made by Lion Karen seconded by Lion John Peterson. Motion carried unopposed.

 tail twister
Happy Bucks
Monique $1 for being a part of Rycom Creative
Steve Shannon $5 for Prince’s music
Lori $1 she will be a grandma by the next meeting
John $6 sold 5 houses and the next NFL draft is coming up-hoping the Bears draft horribly.
Rick $1 because John P. mowed the lawn before he did this year
Chris $1 for giving his lovely wife her dream pop up camper
Kevin $1 for selling Chris the dream camper for his lovely wife.
Pin fines of $1
Motion by Lion Doug and Lion Jon A. to accept the nominations as is since there were none from the floor.
Election commenced with Lions Lori and Derrick counting ballots. Results below.
President – Tami Verstraete
1st VP – David Kiesewetter
2nd VP – John Peterson
Secretary – Karen Martin
Treasurer – Allison Ebany
2 year Director (second year) – Jerry Wallace
2 year Director (second year) – Monique Weaver is resigning her second year in order to accept nomination as Membership Director – Jeanna Woods nominated to fill 2nd year of this position
Membership Director – Monique Weaver
Director –Augie Christopher
Director - Steve Pomahac
Lion Tamer – Brent Murray
Tail Twister – Kevin King
Immediate Past President – Kerri Wallace
Motion to accept election results made by Lion Scott seconded by Lion Augie. Motion carried. Congrats to our 2016/2017 Executive Board.

Local Events coming up
May 15th Sanctuary Spa’s third annual Dedicated to Serve recognition - Jeanna will contact Erica about Leader Dog
July 16th Hansfest
He will be coming to present to the club for help and a donation this year.
Lion Kerri noted she would like to see the club give a monetary donation this year in addition to time.
October 8th Oktoberfest
Ryan will be coming to make a presentation to the Club

Athletic Field:
Club budgeted $30K for a park project for The Village. Village decided a shelter would be more logical at this time at the field.
This will be a nice visual to the community of The Club giving back to the community.
20’x30’ with a 22’x 32’ concrete pad.
The Club to order to avoid having to pay prevailing wage since we are NFP. Village will pay difference for any add-ons. An agreement will be struck with the Village with terms of repayment.
Questions on liability on installation
Motion to approve with satisfaction of contract terms in place made by Lion Scott seconded by John P. Motion carried unopposed.

Rose Day Update
Dick worked with Beloit Lions as they had a falling out with District Rose Day committee.
Doubled last year’s sales with 271 dozen this year.
Looking into a Friday business delivery for next year for our area.
Lion Ed shared what a good feeling he got from delivering last weekend.

Brews & BBQ
Officially moved to the Speedway due to the Village expense (security and 2 days)
Priscilla contacted Kerri and asked if The Club would still like to participate and sell beer.
Kerri sent an email asking for more information.

2016 Steak Fry place & date
August 13th
Kerri will need one or two helpers

Leo Club Update
Getting members like crazy.
Looking into doing some sort of presentation for the outgoing seniors at awards night on the 19th.

OSD Update
Met prior to general membership
Everything going well
Sponsorship goal for this year is $150K at this time we have commitments for $142,333!
Meeting every week beginning in May (1st and 4th Thursdays at a 5:15p; 2nd and 3rd Thursdays at 6pm

Rhonda Fair Tribute
Memorial donations were directed to Wimpy’s at the family’s wish
Lion Betsy shared there was $2165 taken in by the family as memorials for Wimpy’s and Lion Allison added that an additional $700 came in through the website earmarked for Rhonda’s memorial.
The Club also donated $1500 in her name.
The goal is to let her family deliver to the family sponsored in her honor if they so choose.

Boy Scouts-Lion David
Updated on Troop 620
Todd Prentis awarded the Silver Beaver Award
18 Scouts currently
Meeting Tuesdays at 7pm at St. Andrews

Lions Shirts
Lion David would like to get one more order off before the end of the fiscal year.
Need 6 or more shirts to place the order.


business from the floor
Request from Talcott Library to sponsor the summer reading program again
Lion Brent has had concerns billing The Club for the ice cream certificates.
Discussion on possibly changing the way it’s billed/paid.
Motion by Lion Scott to continue the program as is. Seconded by Lion Doug. Motion carried unopposed.

requests & thank you notes
No Requests, Thank you's passed around

Lion Scott Wallace was given the Lion to bring back to the next meeting.

Motion to adjourn made by Lion Karen seconded by Lion Doug.


next meeting: May 4th, 2016 5:15 pm @ fibs
upcoming events:
may 25 – executive board
may 26 – general membership – new date!!