Rockton Lions Club
General Membership Meeting
April 20, 2017 6:30pm FIBS


April 20,2017 6:30pm FIBS


Call to order & Pledge of Allegiance 6:30pm

Guests: Swearing in of 7 New Members

Hit our goal of 100 members in Centennial Year.
District Governor Pam Graney visiting to celebrate
Mike Fill Birdies for charity
Steve P’s guest: Todd and Jordan, Taylor and Jake, Jennifer Molander
Lindsay’s guest: Millicent Christopher
Augie’s guest: Jody James
Nate and Ruth Brick sponsored by Scott and Rebekah Denoh (Chris Weaver standing in)  



President’s Announcements-Lion Tami 2017-2018 Election of Executive Board


Nominations: President: Tami Verstraete, 1st Vice: Karen Martin, 2nd Vice: Scott Paccagnini, Secretary: Gennie Siwicki, Treasurer: David Kiesewetter, Tail Twister: Kevin King, Lion Tamer: Brent Murray, LCIF Coordinator: Cyndy Fogarty, Membership Director: Monique Weaver, 2yr Director: Augie Christopher, 1yr Director: Sheri Zimmer and Joe Locke and we can take Nominations from the floor as well for any and all of these positions.
The election results were 32 votes for all candidates as nominated (no nominations from the floor) 0 votes against.
State Convention coming up

Secretary’s Report-Lion Karen

Minutes tables until net meeting.

Treasurer – Lion Allison  Report sent around. OSD activity up. Rose Day money not complete yet. Dues will be collected at next meeting. Motion to approve Steve P. seconded by Lion John P. Motion carried unopposed.
50/50 Drawing

Happy Bucks

Kerri NFL Schedule comes out tonight

Elections and Tami is president still

Allison tax season has passed

John P for helping with house appraisal

Chris W 100 members goal met
Dick Sailing around Cape Horn and he got to drive a tank
Lion John sold some houses and is going on vacation
Lion Rick spring is here he had first cigar

New puppy coming

Monique got to see her sister in Nebraska
Mill went to the dentist and got a clean slate

Got to join the Lions
Got to serve cake
She loves Augie

Augie for Mill joining

For beautiful dog Louie
He loves her too

Rose Day went well. Sold less than last year, but still 4th highest we’ve ever done.
OSD posters were available but are all gone. Steve can print up some more.
Last orientation on May 16th Already scheduling folks!!  6:30pm at Macktown Insurance
$20 for plenty-Jacki Hamilton we still have tickets for sale. Two winners already from our club.
Lindsey is working on flowers for planters. She will let us know by next meeting
Sight and Sound for Tricia.
Trivia Night donation request: Cooler, Mug, and pair of weekend passes. Motion made by Lion Scott seconded by Lion John
Lion Jeff, Loves Park Lions club looking for help with Fish N Fun
Motion to adjourn after 50/50 made by Lion Karen seconded by Lion Kerri


Upcoming Meetings & Events:   

Next General Membership: May 4

Executive Board Meeting April 27th @ Fibs

Officer Training May 13th 9:30-2:30 Stillman Valley HS

April 20, 2017