April 2, 2015


Rockton Lions General Membership Meeting Minutes 4-2-15
29 members in attendance.
President Kerri led the Pledge of Allegiance.
President’s Announcements:
April 29th Executive Bd. Meeting location changed from April 22.
Nomination Committee met last week and she announced the following nominations:
President: Kerri Wallace, Secretary: Karen Martin, Treasurer: Allison Ebany, 1st VP: John Peterson, 2nd VP: Brent Murray,  2-yr Director: Monique Weaver, 2-yr Director:  Jerry Wallace, 1yr Director: Augie Christopher, 1-yr Director: Jim Sahlstrom, Tail Twister: Kevin King, Lion Tamer: David Kiesewetter, Membership Chair: Tami Verstraete
The floor was then open to nominations. None were presented. Lion David Kiesewetter made motion to close nominations. Lion Steve Pomahac seconded. Motion passed. Elections will be held at the next general membership meeting scheduled 4-16-15. Write-in votes will also be accepted.
Rockton Chamber dinner is next Friday.
Sponsorship pin awards given to Lion John Peterson and Lion Kerri Wallace

Joe Lock and Gordy Justice, guests of Lion Steve Pomahac
Deena Sawicki guest of Lion David Kiesewetter
Steve and Marla Harringer guests of Lion Cathy Bellich
Ethan and Rick from the Boy Scouts selling camp cards for $5 they get to keep 50% of the proceeds.

Secretary’s Report: Emailed out.  Motion to approve made by Lion Kerri Wallace seconded by Lion Steve Pomahac. Motion carried unopposed.
Treasurer’s Report: Passed around. Only issue was a question about insurance which Lion Steve answered. Motion to approve made by Lion John Peterson seconded by Lion Steve. Motion passed unopposed.
Happy Bucks:
Lion John Peterson: Sold 4 houses and OSD Headliners are booked!
Lion Rhonda Fair: She’s going to be a grandma!
Lion Kerri Wallace: OSD Record Ticket Sales!
Lion Lindsay Swanson: Dairy Haus is open and O’Doul’s exists!
Lion Pat Hoey: Got out of a murder investigation!
Lion Jeremy Oster: His wife is joining the Rockton Lions. It’s his 1 yr. Lions Anniversary!
Lion Allison Ebany: Hubby got a new job and won’t be traveling so much.
Joe Lock: He’s going to be a grandpa too!
Gordy Justice: Everyone’s so dang happy!
Sight and Sounds Sweepstakes: Money and ticket stubs need to be in by the next general membership meeting.
OSD: Sponsorship is big push right now.
Rose Day: Tickets and money need to be in by next general membership meeting. We could use some help delivering.
5-Star Club:  The only thing keeping us from this award is a member survey. These will be going out next week.
Townsquare Media: Nothing new to report
Small Town Showdown: Shhhh Rockton is in the lead. Winner’s to be announced Tuesday morning.
Village Plantings: Jeanna Woods and Pat Hoey to head this up. Date to be announced soon.

We need to budget in a yearly contribution. Discussion on how and where this yearly contribution would could from (a single fundraiser, multiple fundraisers, etc.)
Motion made by Lion Tami Verstraete to add $2K ($1K each) to the two scholarship funds at this time. Lion Derrick Lander seconded the motion. Motion carried unopposed.

CS&H Donation: Discussion happened regarding our second donation to The Center for the year. Motion made by Lion Scott Wallace to donate $1000. Motion seconded by Lion Kevin King and the motion passed unopposed.
St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry: Discussion brought up about a second donation to the food pantry this year. Questions raised as to why we are supporting a South Beloit and a Rockton pantry. Feedback was that both pantries are helping families from our area: Rockton, Shirland, and South Beloit. The need is very high in South Beloit. Lion Karen Martin made motion to donate $5000 to St. Vincent DePaul’s pantry. Lion Tami Verstraete seconded and motion passed unopposed.
From the Floor:

Executive Lawn Care would like to present to The Club for a fundraiser in his brother’s honor. He is asking to use our OSD equipment. Asked Lion Jon Arcouette to have him come when he has his approval from The Village for the event.
Rockton Chamber Dues are coming due. Motion to renew made by Lion Pat Hoey seconded by Lion John Peterson. Motion carried.
As a member of the Rockton Chamber, the Club get a vote on whether or not to support the merger between Rockton/Roscoe chambers. Lion John Peterson made motion for the club to vote yes and Lion Pat Hoey seconded the motion. Motion carried unopposed.
Lion Cathy Bellich brought up there is a Rockton resident going blind who is in need of a special computer for college. The consensus was to direct her to the CS&H as a preliminary solution, then see if we can assist if they can't.
Lion John Peterson shared that a family member of a fellow realtor in his office needed to have a physician dome to his home to conduct an eye screening. The CS&H helped them out and he is all set!
Received a thank you from the Specht family.
Lion Pat Hoey commented that our organization, as grown so much that it may be time for us to set up a strategic planning committee to plan 5-10 years out for the Club. This is being sent up to the Executive Board.
Lion Jeremy Oster brought up that “The Hut” which is a summer activities driven program in Rockton has no alternative for poor weather conditions. He asked if a shed could be built. Others suggested maybe one at the new Thunderock Park. It would be a great project for the Leo Club to get involved in once they are chartered. Final comments were that one, we would need more information; and two we would need to find out the Village’s stand on the issue.

Motion to adjourn after the 50/50 made by Lion Scott Wallace and was seconded by Lion Rhonda Fair. Motion carried unopposed
Next meeting 4-16-15 at FIBS 6:30pm
Respectfully submitted,

Karen Martin